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Questions to ask before prostate surgery

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Questions to ask before prostate surgery
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Alternative treatment for Prostate Cancer · author: Mark Sells
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07/22/2012 10:37:47 Mark Sells
Alternative treatment for Prostate Cancer · author: Mark Sells
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Trying to decide. · author: branch987
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07/29/2009 15:37:10 billsailor
tylenol · author: mlr
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Recomendation · author: dtf
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non-malig bph; differing surgery opinions · author: dennis
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Insurance allowed for Robotic Surgury · author: Retired Officer
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No insurance, foreigner, prostate cancer · author: armando
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Hi, I'm 40 years old, My PSA trend since 2001 is as following: · author: roro135
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Click the contact link to learn how Dr. Samadi can help treat your prostate cancer and give you back your quality of life.

* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

Martin K., Patchogue, NY

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January of 2014. After researching for a surgeon the name Dr. David Samadi kept coming up for his expertise and great results. I got an appointment and went in to see Dr. Samadi and was already convinced (from what I read) that I wanted my prostate removed.

Moshe T., Israel

לפני זמן קצר, כחודשיים אחרי שעברתי כריתה רדיקלית של בלוטת הערמונית בשיטה הרובוטית, בביצוע ד" דיויד סמאדי, מביה"ח "מאונט סיני" בניו יורק, שאל אותי אחד מחברי הטובים: "היום, בראייה לאחור, האם היית מחליט לעשות אותו דבר? אותה פרוצדורה? אצל אותו רופא?" "בדיוק אותו דבר!" עניתי מיד וללא כל היסוס. לא הייתי צריך לחשוב אפילו שנייה.

Steve S. New Jersey, USA

Dr. Samadi is a unique person having reached the pinnacle of his profession, while at the same time treating all his patients with compassion as though they are members of his immediate family.

Joseph P., USA

Your fame as the Leonardo of the Da Vinci robotic prostate surgery is well known. It is also documented by the many testimonials of your patients. I would like to add my own experience to show how masterfully you also apply your unique skills and methodology to the most demanding surgery of this type removal of the bladder...