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Questions to ask before prostate surgery

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Questions to ask before prostate surgery
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Alternative treatment for Prostate Cancer · author: Mark Sells
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07/22/2012 10:37:47 Mark Sells
Alternative treatment for Prostate Cancer · author: Mark Sells
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07/22/2012 10:29:44 Mark Sells
PSA vs PCA3 · author: wolf wengler
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07/10/2012 04:59:19 wolf wengler
Questions a new patient might ask · author: newb1109
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experienced surgeon versus a resident · author: mopamopa1@aol.com
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03/22/2010 18:06:14 mopamopa1@aol.com
Robotic vs Seed  · author: alterman
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Trying to decide. · author: branch987
1 13968
07/29/2009 15:37:10 billsailor
tylenol · author: mlr
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Recomendation · author: dtf
0 10782
non-malig bph; differing surgery opinions · author: dennis
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Insurance allowed for Robotic Surgury · author: Retired Officer
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No insurance, foreigner, prostate cancer · author: armando
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Need information - any thoughts? · author: andyvanness
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varying opinions · author: sully
1 13057
Hi, I'm 40 years old, My PSA trend since 2001 is as following: · author: roro135
1 15025
0 14303
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Ron Safir

Dr. Samadi, you are obviously a masterful surgeon.  In addition to your individual talents, you are also a tremendous CEO.


It has been nearly two weeks since Dr. Samadi performed my SMART prostatectomy!  Every day since the surgery  Dr. Samadi and his skill as a surgeon have soared in my estimation. I feel humbled and privileged to have experienced such great care.

N. R., New York

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Rita D., USA

It was Dr. Samadi himself wanting to speak with both of us to find out exactly what we needed and how he could help us. Dr. Samadi was a true hero in this story. I love him for what he did and would recommend him to anyone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.