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Questions to ask before prostate surgery

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Questions to ask before prostate surgery
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Alternative treatment for Prostate Cancer · author: Mark Sells
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07/22/2012 10:37:47 Mark Sells
Alternative treatment for Prostate Cancer · author: Mark Sells
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07/22/2012 10:29:44 Mark Sells
PSA vs PCA3 · author: wolf wengler
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07/10/2012 04:59:19 wolf wengler
Questions a new patient might ask · author: newb1109
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experienced surgeon versus a resident · author: mopamopa1@aol.com
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03/22/2010 18:06:14 mopamopa1@aol.com
Robotic vs Seed  · author: alterman
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Trying to decide. · author: branch987
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07/29/2009 15:37:10 billsailor
tylenol · author: mlr
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Recomendation · author: dtf
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non-malig bph; differing surgery opinions · author: dennis
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Insurance allowed for Robotic Surgury · author: Retired Officer
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No insurance, foreigner, prostate cancer · author: armando
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Need information - any thoughts? · author: andyvanness
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varying opinions · author: sully
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Hi, I'm 40 years old, My PSA trend since 2001 is as following: · author: roro135
1 15293
0 14584
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Click the contact link to learn how Dr. Samadi can help treat your prostate cancer and give you back your quality of life.

* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

J.M., USA: Is This Any Way To Run A Doctor’s Office?

All your efforts have made a big difference to THIS patient and there is no team not even the Mets or Jets that I hold so dear to my heart. Many thanks from me, the thousands that have come before me and the many who will be treated by you in the future.

67 岁,美国 纽约

2011年5月,我的验血报告PSA数值为4.89。7月份在排除了泌尿系统炎症等因素后,泌尿科医生决定为我做前列腺组织活检。活检报告表明我患前列腺癌,而且格里森等级(Gleason’s Grade)为7。

Mark C.

Research indicated that Dr. Samadi was the best surgeon with a great number of surgeries performed.

Jeannette B., Netherlands (en)

In 2008 my husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer with a PSA of 31.8 and a Gleason Score of 9. When we first got the news we immediately began to research different doctors and new techniques in our home country of the Netherlands and throughout Europe.