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Quality of life after da Vinci Prostatectomy

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Quality of life after da Vinci Prostatectomy
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my experience so far · author: Gr8Ful
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04/16/2012 21:46:20 Harry Carrasquillo
Describing what my life is like one year after a robotic prostatectomy · author: Pat Walsh
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My prostatectome by Dr. Samadi · author: Domenico Luvera
0 8412
01/10/2012 09:41:54 Domenico Luvera
"HELP.... I HAVE NO ERECTION!?!? · author: MR.JAY
6 14172
author: Bodawg
1 9234
0 8486
2 10332
Fight to get insurance coverage for ED meds · author: No_Mo_Pro
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11 19177
Quality of Life Post-Robotic Surgery · author: No_Mo_Pro
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author: Domenico Luvera
0 9110
11/19/2010 12:17:31 Domenico Luvera
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Bladder Spasms Anyone? · author: Jack B.
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1 11140
Post Pain · author: mhw
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author: evans42
2 11652
one year since my surgery · author: Al Holleuffer
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01/07/2010 02:55:08 Al Holleuffer
run out of gas · author: husker
3 11824
Dr Samadi · author: Wshapiro
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PROSTATE CANCER! How could it be? I'm young and have had annual PSA tests to monitor my prostate cancer risk. I only recently began to experience sharp pain in my lower back but I knew I had to seek treatment.