Dr. David Samadi brings his high-tech “SMART Surgery” technique to Rambam Hospital in Israel

   May 30, 2011   

The second annual Rambam Summit, “Where Medicine, Technology and Humanity Intertwine”, turned its attention this year to pediatric medicine. Held on May 30-31, 2011, the summit was attended by hundreds of distinguished figures from the spheres of medicine, economics, science, politics and academia from Israel and abroad. The summit featured scientific lectures, presentations of new research, guided tours of the hospital, and even a robotic prostate operation, done by Dr. David Samadi of Mt Sinai Medical Center, which was broadcast live by video conference.

robotic prostate surgery

Dr David Samadi of Mt Sinai Medical Center deliverslecture after performing robotic prostate surgery

During the conference, the master plan was revealed for the new Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital, which represents advances in all areas of pediatrics. The plan was presented in the presence of 50 distinguished guests from Friends of Rambam branches in Great Britain, the USA and Canada.

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