Genetic Mutations Could Indicate Likelihood of Prostate Cancer

   February 24, 2014   

A new study from the U.K., has given insight into more efficient prostate cancer screening for the future. By looking at a man’s genes, doctors may be able to determine a man’s likelihood of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

In the study, blood samples from 191 men with prostate cancer and at least two relatives with prostate cancer were analyzed. The study looked for mutations in 22 known cancer genes. Of the mutations, there were 13 in 8 genes that were linked to prostate cancer. In men with mutations, 21% had advanced prostate cancer compared to 3% without the mutations. It was also found that the chances  of advanced prostate cancer were 13 times higher for men with mutations than men without.

Although the PSA test is a useful too in the prevention of and screening for prostate cancer, it is not cancer-specific. Analyzing the genes of a man, will give doctors a tailored test that will search more in-depth for the chance of cancer development. Read more on this study.

Genetic Mutations Could Indicate Likelihood of Prostate Cancer
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