Medina President Inaugurates First Robotic Surgery Unit in the Country

With the ribbon cutting by President Danilo Medina was formally inaugurated Robotic Surgery Unit of Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS).

During an event organized by the Board of Directors of the health center, its president, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Spanish, stopped operating the surgical area, blessed by Monsignor Agripino Nunez Collado.

Sánchez Spanish speaking on behalf of the Board, thanked the Head of State presence “constitutes a continuous support to this institution scientific and technological advancement of Dominican medicine.”

He explained that the system “Da Vinci Si” is able to interpret the surgeon’s movements and translate them to scale with high precision robot. Its three-dimensional vision system allows greater visibility of the operative field, which makes the surgery safer, with less discomfort and minimal blood loss, the patient having an excellent recovery.

With this technique numerous surgeries, such as general surgeries, urological, gynecological, head, neck and Cancer are provided.

For enabling this Robot, built a HOMS surgery area high complexity, composed of four ultramodern operating theaters, including the transmission system Online Surgery (Maquet Tegris-System), through which the act was passed, in time Real to the National Palace, the Dominican consulates in New York, Puerto Rico, Miami, France and Fox News Channel in the United States.

In transmission, we had the opportunity to observe the President Medina handle the simulator via the console that operates the Robot “Da Vinci SI”, the first of its kind in the Dominican Republic and second in the Caribbean, with adding to that exists in Puerto Rico.

The professional team of Robotic Surgery HOMS what doctors make Spanish Rafael Sánchez, director of Unity; Juan Felix Chaplain José Alvarez Torres and Hector Sanchez Navarro. The first three are pioneers in laparoscopic surgery, surgical procedure started in Santiago in 1991, registering to date about 20,000 such surgeries.

The surgical team was trained by the company Da Vinci surgical laboratories in Houston, Texas, and hospitals in Phoenix, Arizona.

With the onset of this type of surgery is further promotes health tourism and the integration of world-renowned specialists such as Dr. David B. Samadi, one of the most prestigious U.S. urologists and pioneer of the art of surgery Robotics, who is currently head of the unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York Robotic Surgery.

Spanish Dr. Sánchez announced during the opening ceremony of the constitution “Institute for Robotic Surgery: Dr. David B. Samadi-HOMS” for the surgical treatment of urological diseases, especially Prostate Cancer.

Medina President Inaugurates First Robotic Surgery Unit in the Country
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