Robotic Oncology Newsletter, August 2012

   August 3, 2012   

“What a year it has been!

My team and I are continually thankful for the opportunity to support new patients and their families in the fight against prostate cancer. While our sights remain set on all we can do to eradicate the disease globally, we treasure each day here in New York and are thankful for the role we play in helping men realize the many benefits of robotic prostatectomy surgery.

This spring we surpassed 4,000 successful robotic prostate removal surgeries and are continuing to deliver exceptional post-surgery quality of life to men with our SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique) procedure.”

-David B. Samadi, M.D.

It has been an active year for prostate cancer news and research. From the debate surrounding the effectiveness of PSA testing to research showing improved survival rates with robotic surgery, new information has been made available at a lightning-fast pace. Dr. Samadi helps sort through this information to get to the stories that matter in the August edition of his newsletter.

Robotic Oncology Newsletter, August 2012
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