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New Year’s Message from Dr. Samadi

Happy New Year to you and your family!

We’d like to take a moment to share our hopes and commitments for the New Year with you. As you know, we’re a group in constant motion; we’re always looking to tackle new challenges and embrace new opportunities.

In 2012, we look forward to continuing our hands-on approach to improved international healthcare and the treatment of prostate cancer worldwide. The increased availability of the da Vinci Surgical System is very exciting to us, but we must stay focused on strengthening the surgeons behind the robot. Prostate cancer cure rates will continue to climb if the expertise of robotic prostatectomy surgeons continues to improve. In performing over 3,800 successful robotic prostatectomy procedures, Dr. Samadi has evolved his traditional and laparoscopic surgical experience into robotic surgery excellence. He is committed to lending his expertise to other countries as they treat new patients and hone their own robotic prostatectomy skills.

At home, we will continue to serve our patients and their families with the best in robotic surgery and post-prostatectomy care. Despite setbacks in government support of PSA screenings and the sometimes-negative media generalizations about the efficacy of robotic prostatectomy surgery, we are ever hopeful of increased government support and positive steps in national healthcare. In this election year, we will work to stress the importance of preventative care and medical technology in our fight to overcome prostate cancer.

We remain dedicated to the continued success of Dr. Samadi’s SMART Technique and the lifelong health of our patients.

You all are forever members of our cherished family and we look forward to continuing our relationship of wellness and friendship in 2012.

Making the Best Choice: Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery First

Much of the success in robotic prostatectomy surgery stems from patient choices. Annual screening ensures early diagnosis. Early diagnosis affords early treatment. And treatment choice greatly impacts opportunity for cure.

We’ve spoken at length about the challenges of prostatectomy surgery as a fallback. When men choose alternate treatments first and face the unfortunate result of recurrence, secondary options are limited. Salvage prostatectomy is possible in some cases, but the risks and limitations can be avoided by choosing surgery first.

Recurrence After Radiation

If prostate cancer remains or returns after radiation treatment, follow-up rounds of radiation may not be an option. This is the point at which some men turn to prostatectomy surgery. However, radiation treatment significantly alters the tissue surrounding the prostate making it extremely difficult to operate and spare the nerve bundles that serve urinary and sexual functions, even with the robot.

Recurrence After HIFU

Less widely available, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) uses a rectal probe to heat and destroy cancerous prostate tissue with sound waves. As it is not FDA-approved in the U.S., some men are paying a high price to travel overseas for this procedure. Unfortunately, failure rates are greater than with other treatment options, and many men face the challenge of finding follow-up treatment methods. As with radiation, the damage caused by the beam may render surgery a non-option.

Salvage Prostatectomy

If the prostate cancer remains or returns after radiation or ultrasound treatment, and it is still localized in the prostate, a salvage prostatectomy can be performed. This is a highly complex and far from ideal procedure. Even with Dr. Samadi’s extensive experience, success, both in removing the prostate cancer and in preserving key functioning, is compromised.

While surgery of any kind presents risks, many of the concerns regarding urinary control and sexual potency can be easily managed when men choose surgery first.

Men who choose robotic prostatectomy surgery have the odds in their favor when it comes to beating prostate cancer. They have the benefit of Dr. Samadi’s surgical expertise and commitment from our team to support all follow-up care and rehabilitation needed. Further, they have the ongoing assurance of knowing the prostate has been removed and their PSA will be zero. Should the cancer return at any point, radiation is preserved as a highly effective follow-up treatment. Men must educate themselves fully prior to making any treatment decision.
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The Latest Edition of Robotic Oncology Newsletter is Here!
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