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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Israel - Dr. David Samadi Presenting at Rambam Hospital

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Rambam Health Care Campus has joined the elite group of world-class hospitals performing operations by means of the da Vinci surgical robot. Rambam's surgeons watched live video of the groundbreaking operation performed by Dr. David Samadi, a world leader in robotic radical prostatectomy surgery.

Mr. Shalom Katz, a 72-year-old Haifa resident, is Israel’s first patient at Rambam to have undergone a prostatectomy by means of the new, sophisticated robot.

Dr. David Samadi is Vice Chairman of the Department of Urology and Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, and is considered the world's leading expert in the removal of prostate tumors. "I am very proud and privileged to be part of this groundbreaking news in Israel," said Dr. Samadi. "Israel’s first robotic prostate surgery was a great success.”

The patient's spouse, Mrs. Dina Katz, commended Dr. Samadi on the results of the minimally invasive surgery and said that both she and her husband felt very confident in Dr. Samadi’s care. Dr. Samadi, along with leading surgeons from Rambam Health Center, stressed the many advantages of robotic surgery, including fewer infections, less blood loss and a reduced risk of damage to sexual potency and urinary continence.

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

T. C., Oslo, Norway

"I was lucky to find Dr. David Samadi: a patient, caring, gifted healer who surpassed all my expectations. He has earned my deepest respect and gratitude, and I recommend him unconditionally..."

J. Newman

I am pleased and proud to add my comments to the patients list of success stories. I had been affected by BPH (growing prostate) for 10 years.

G. C., USA

"Dr. Samadi has been there to answer any questions or concerns and everything that he told me about the procedure was true. I highly recommend him".

משה א., כפר סבא ישראל

ברצוני להודות לך מקרב לב על הטיפול המסור, האישי והמקצועי שהענקת לי מהרגע הראשון לקשר בינינו ועד עתה. הגעתי יחד עם רעייתי אסנת לניו יורק ימים ספורים לפני ביצוע הניתוח הרובוטי לכריתת הערמונית, שהתקיים ב- 4.5.2011.