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Prostate Cancer Prevention

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Fox News, 4:33

Dr. David Samadi discusses prostate cancer as a serious health issue for men. Over 27,000 die from it each year, making it the 2nd leading cause of death after lung cancer. Screening and detection are very important. Men need to ask for PSA test in their yearly exam, and keep a record of the scores. The scores may be normal, but must be looked at for velocity & changes over time. Frequent urination sometimes indicates an enlarged prostate gland. Prevention includes a healthy lifestyle, exercise, quit smoking, decrease alcohol consumption, maintain a diet that is low in fat and high in fiber. Samadi encourages men to get annual check up including the PSA. Prostate cancer is not a death sentence. High tech radiation and robotic surgery techniques can save lives, sexual function and continence.

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Click the contact link to learn how Dr. Samadi can help treat your prostate cancer and give you back your quality of life.

* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

T. C., Italy

 Posso dire che è stata una storia a lieto fine. Grazie di nuovo Dottor Samadi per aver dato luce alla mia vita.

M. M., New York, USA

"My surgery consisted of arriving at the hospital on Monday morning, surgery shortly after and going home the next day. I could not believe how good I felt".

Martin K,

Earlier this year I was given the devastating news that I had prostate cancer.  I was diagnosed after a routine company medical, followed by a Biopsy.  From that day and during the following weeks I researched the subject to try and find a subtitle course of treatment...

Robert R. NYC, USA

It's been a month since my surgery and I am amazed how far I have progressed. I’ve experienced very few side effects and I’m feeling stronger every day.