Gary W.

Dr. Samadi,

Thanks for being my surgeon. Your entire staff; including Roceo, Maria, Ann, Martha, Nurse Ann, Charles, and all the doctors, nurses, and assistants at Mount Sinai Hospital and Clinic have been very kind to me.

Received your letter concerning my surgery. I'll share it with my local doctors. Nurse Ann told me that you are too busy to visit my family in the great Midwest. If you can't come, I understand, but the invitation is always open. We have not met Sahar, Jasmine, or Alex, but would surely like to.

Dianne and I are owners of a nice timeshare called BlueGreen. We receive points each year and are gold club members. One of the resorts we like to visit is called Christmas Mountain. It is about five miles from Wisconsin Dells. The place is very booked up for the summer months. I was able to book a three bedroom, three bath townhouse for late August. If you and your family or any part of your family can visit us then, you will have this unit free of charge. I will include the first page of this reservation. It is a full suite with a nice living room and full kitchen. If that date is OK for you, I would simply put your name on the reservation and it would be yours to enjoy.

We live between two small towns called Roscoe and Rockton, Illinois. We are centrally located about 1 1/2 hours by car from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 2 hours from Chicago and 3 hours from Wisconsin Dells in beautiful Wisconsin. Our house is a three bedroom ranch with a finished basement. Your family is welcome to stay here for a day or two or a week. You could easily visit Chicago for two days, Milwaukee, Wisconsin for two days and Wisconsin Dells for a day or so. Chicago has several museums, an aquarium and Navy Pier which is on the coast of Lake Michigan. I would recommend an architectural boat tour which shows you the history and architecture of the city. Milwaukee has a very nice zoo, a museum and a very nice professional baseball park called Miller Park which is where the Brewers play. Milwaukee's airport, call Mitchell Field is small and easy. Chicago's O'Hare Airport is much busier. You can reach my home from either airport in 1 1/2 hours.

Dr. Samadi, this packet is for you and Sahar to examine. If late August doesn't work I am sure you could book a time in June, July or early August at any of the following nice resorts in the Wisconsin Dells: Kalahari Resort & Waterpark, Wilderness Resort & Waterpark, Great Wolf Resort & Waterpark, Chula Vista Resort & Waterpark or several other less well known places. Today I called the Wilderness Resort, which is a huge resort and was told that dates in middle of June and July a three bedroom unit would range from $500-$800 per night. If you book before April 10th, they will send you a coupon which gives you a $15 discount per night.

Wisconsin Dells has tons of things to see and do. I have been there many times and my favorite things to do include: a boat ride on the beautiful Wisconsin River, a military Duck ride through the woods and waterways of the Dells, riding and/or racing go-carts at any of 3 or 4 places including through the Trojan Horse at Mount Olympus Theme Park, riding a roller coaster ranging from gentle to extreme as would be the Hades roller coaster at Mount Olympus, a 1 % hour horseback trail ride, 1/2 day at a waterpark if you must, golfing the beautiful 9 hole executive course at the Wilderness (very hilly), playing miniature golf; or eating dinner at a fine restaurant such as The Embers, The Copper Oak Steak House, Dell Bar, Fields at the Wilderness, Ishnala Supper Club, The Kaminski Chop House at Chula Vista Resort or McDonalds Steak House.

Things to do at the Wallace house might include, croquet in the back yard, bean bag toss, playing pool in the basement, board games, foosball, golf at any of the five local courses, and good food from a great cook; Mrs. Wallace.

If you are here during July 4th you could join our family celebration and annual softball game using a whiffle ball.
My healing is slow, but steady. Please share these pictures with Rocco and the girls. If you visit, I will not monopolize your time.

Your Friend and Thankful Patient,

Gary W.

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

B. Koenig, USA

Again, on behalf of myself and my family, I just want to thank you for your compassion, capableness and concern during this difficult time. As a result of having had a Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy I can now look forward to a long and cancer-free life.

MvR, Netherlands

Na de schok van de kanker diagnose, was de volgende stap om de beste doctor te vinden om de prostaat te verwijderen. Ik kwam bij Dr Samadi terecht en die ving me goed op met ondersteuning van uiterst bekwame en zorgzame leden van zijn ploeg. De operatie zelf is kennelijk geheel volgens plan verlopen en de uitkomst is...

יוסי, Israel

הסיפור שלי מתחיל בספטמבר 2010, כשתוצאות בדיקותיי היו: PSA -4.9, גליסון- 6 (3+3). יש לציין  שסבלתי שנים ממתן שתן איטי של בן דקה לדקה וחצי, שזהו מדד לערמונית מוגדלת.במהלך החודשים שלאחר מכן ניגשתי לארבע בדיקות PSA  נוספות שהצביעו על עליה ברורה, למעט ירידה אחת באמצע .( 5.22, 4.96, 5.76, 6.16 )

Len F.

On Oct. 1, 2009, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I had anticipated that the biopsy findings would be negative and I was rather shocked with this diagnosis.