Guy, G

I learned in November 2012 following a high blood PSA value and prostate biopsy, that I had prostate cancer.
It has a Gleason 7+ value, which placed it in a the problem category needing a rapid care.
My Urologist gave me a list of different procedures able to treat this condition together with another list of knowledgeable specialist and physicians.

After meeting several specialists, I reached the conclusion that the "Da Vinci" robotic prostatectomy was the safer and best performing technique to suppress the cancer.  And that DR SAMADI and his team from Mount Sinai hospital in New York, were uniquely qualified to drive this procedure to thew best result.  Their success rate was truly outstanding.

So with my wife, we met Doctor SAMADI and a few members of his team and decided to proceed with the robotic prostatectomy.  
The surgery took place on December 22nd, 6 weeks after the biopsy.  I could walk by myself the same day and got out of the hospital the day after.  I have 5 very small little scars, urinary problems lasted a week, and now, 6 weeks after surgery, I feel I am back to the shape I had before.

One word about Dr SAMADI and his team:
Each one of them gives the best care to all of our worries.  They also display a lot of enthusiasm and convey a warm empathy most appreciated in this situation.  They know perfectly well their routine.
At Mount Sinai hospital, the Dr SAMADI patients are "VIP".

I want hereby to extend my congratulations and thanks to this beautiful team.

Guy G,

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

Israel and Miriam - Israel

לכבוד דר' דוד סמאדי, אנו מודים לרבונו של עולם שנתן לנו את ההזדמנות להכיר אותך ואת עבודת הקודש שאתה מתעסק בה, וכמובן הזכות שהיית הרופא שלנו. אנו מודים לבננו דר' יצחק הבר שגלה לנו את מומחיותך ועמד על כך שנהיה המטופלים שלך.

Ezra R., Israel

שמי עזרא אני בן 51 והתגלה אצלי סרטן ערמונית לפני שמונה חודשים.מהרגע שהסרטן התגלה הבנתי שיש הרבה שיטות טיפול והיה מאד קשה להחליט על צורת הטיפול והנושא הצריך לעשות שיעורי בית יסודיים.

Holy and Rick, USA

My Husband Rick was diagnosed with prostate cancer right before Christmas 2010. He was diagnosed at the same age that his father was but his father lost his battle with cancer at age 56. I was not ready to be a widow nor my children fatherless so I needed to find the best doctor on the face of this earth.

Nick, G

Όταν διαγνώσθηκα με καρκίνο του προστάτη αρκετούς μήνες πριν, άρχισα να ανησυχώ σοβαρά για την ζωή μου, δεδομένου ότι ο πατέρας μου πέθανε από αυτή την ασθένεια πριν από μερικά χρόνια...