Mark C.

"In November 2014 I was shocked to learn that I had prostate cancer. At age 51, I thought that either happened to other people or much later in life. I quickly transitioned from disbelief to exploring my options. As others know who have been down this path, exhaustive research often leads to even more questions. I contacted several major Cancer centers across the US in search of options. This research and further testing/diagnosis pointed toward robotic prostatectomy as my best option. I knew that for this surgery, I wanted the best surgeon I could find. Research indicated that Dr. Samadi was the best surgeon with a great number of surgeries performed. I contacted the office and Dr. Samadi called me on a Saturday afternoon to discuss my diagnosis and the procedure. Once I talked with him, I felt confident that I was in the right hands. My surgery was in 01/15. Dr. Samadi and his team did an excellent job preparing me for the surgery. All indications are that the surgery was a success. My wife and I are very grateful to Dr. Samadi for all he has done for us."


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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

James, C

In approximately 14 hours 32 minutes and 42 seconds I will attend the surgeon’s office to have my penile catheter removed. I cannot wait! It’s been one week since I had surgery and now I’m confined, restricted and almost...

Dillion F,

"From 2005 to 2010 my PSA increased from 2.5 to 4.5 when I got a first prostate biopsy showing a low percentage of cancer cells in a couple of cores and Gleason score of 3 - 3.  I determined to stay with watchful...

R.K. New Jersey, USA

"I would highly recommend Dr.Samadi to anyone dealing with prostate cancer".

Mr. Smith, USA

ODE TO DR. DAVID SAMADI *Dr. Samadi :  How can I find the words  to thank you for saving my life?   There are no words! *Dr. Samadi:  How can I thank you for your masterful...