Holy and Rick, USA

My Husband Rick was diagnosed with prostate cancer right before Christmas 2010. He was diagnosed at the same age that his father was but his father lost his battle with cancer at age 56. I was not ready to be a widow nor my children fatherless so I needed to find the best doctor on the face of this earth. That my friends hands down is Dr. David Samadi. I do believe that God created us all but he especially spent a lot of time on David. We are eternally grateful for Dr. Samadi and his dedication to his craft. Without that, my husband's outcome could have been very different. I pray every day for Dr. Samadi and for his team of exceptional professionals, that they are protected and loved because they are certainly Gods angels here at work. From the ladies that always answer the phone in a caring and prompt way, to the nurses to have to go over the nitty gritty with you.

Dr. Samadi surrounds himself with only the best to look after the care of you and loved ones. I hope they all realize that they make such an impressionable and positive impact on people's lives. As they did for my husband and I when we were most vulnerable and scared. Dr. Samadi explained with confidence how we were going to beat cancer and instilled us with hope and faith that things would be turn out well. So in February 2011 my husband had robotic surgery to remove his cancerous prostate. I brought him into Mount Sinai, the place 3 years earlier where we gave birth to our son and gave him a kiss on the lips and turned him over to Dr. Samadi. Dr. Samadi a true professional held our hand every step of the way. Now, I am writing you now almost a year later to tell you my husband has been cancer free and has fully recovered from his surgery! So why is my husband not writing this letter, he cannot put to words the gratitude he has. HUMBLY yours Holly and Rick.

Holy and Rick, USA

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

Jacob G, Israel

פתאום באמצע החיים הודיעו לי שחליתי בסרטן. בבלוטת הערמונית שלי שהיא המקור ליצירת חיים ולהתחדשות, התגלה גידול ממאיר. מעבר להלם הראשוני ולחרדה הקיומית התברר לי שאני שוקע במערכת מפותלת ומורכבת של אפשרויות לטיפול ולריפוי, החל ממעקב ללא התערבות, דרך תהליכי הקרנות פנימיים וחיצוניים ועד לניתוחים מגוונים לכריתת הערמונית. להפתעתי גיליתי.

Mr. Smith, USA

ODE TO DR. DAVID SAMADI *Dr. Samadi :  How can I find the words  to thank you for saving my life?   There are no words! *Dr. Samadi:  How can I thank you for your masterful...

Anthony R.

Men need to hear my story as it may save their lives! Thanks for, I believe, saving my life!

Guy, G

I learned in November 2012 following a high blood PSA value and prostate biopsy, that I had prostate cancer. It has a Gleason 7+ value, which placed it in a the problem category needing a rapid care...