Tony S., USA

This is not a paid endorsement, even though it’s going to sound like one.  This is just a true account of my experiences with the amazing Dr. David B. Samadi and his incredible staff in the time leading up to and following my recent robotic prostate removal surgery

It was really just luck that brought me into contact with Dr. Samadi.  While getting about my fifth expert opinion on what course of action I should take regarding my recently diagnosed prostate cancer, the urologist with whom I was speaking suddenly said, “If you’re going to have surgery, why don’t you stop playing around and go see Dave Samadi?” 

“Who’s that?” I asked. 

The best and most experienced prostate surgeon around,” he replied.  “He’s at Mt. Sinai.” 
A little research proved the point.  Dr. Samadi not only has done a tremendous number of prostate surgeries, more than 7,000+, but he’s also had incredible success with them.  From the moment I walked into his Manhattan office, I felt that everyone working there had one goal – to get me better as quickly and painlessly as possible.  

His office staff is not only incredibly competent, but they’re wonderfully compassionate, too.  Everyone who had a hand in the actual operation was first-rate.  The members of his surgical team even came to visit me in the hospital the morning after the operation.  And, it was a good thing that they showed up early, because I was back home recuperating by 3:00 PM that afternoon.  That was twenty-one hours after my surgery. 

Dr. Samadi visited me in the hospital also, and he patiently went over the details of the operation and assured me that everything had gone very well.  During my six-week recuperation, he and his staff were regularly in contact, and they were never too busy to answer any question, no matter how silly it might have been, that I had.  
I guess what I’m really saying is that if you’re going to have a robotic prostatectomy, or any other type of prostate surgery for that matter, go straight to Dr. Samadi. 

Absolutely everyone that I spoke to before my surgery stressed that the most important thing was to have the best surgeon possible.  I was able to do that and the results speak for themselves.  Dr. Samadi is definitely “The Man” when it comes to prostate cancer surgery - you have my word on it.               

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

William and Glenn, USA

In May of 2010 my brother Glenn was suffering from back pain. After tests for kidney stones were negative it was discovered that his PSA level was 9.

Len F.

On Oct. 1, 2009, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I had anticipated that the biopsy findings would be negative and I was rather shocked with this diagnosis.

David A., Israel

שמעתי על ד"ר סמאדי דרך מכר אשר הכרתי בקבוצת תמיכה באינטרנט,כאשר גיליתי כי אני נזקק לטיפול בסרטן הערמונית,והתחלתי לחפש מקורות מידע ותמיכה.

Wayne Z., USA

How does one begin to express a felt gratitude that is beyond words? My mind tells me just to write all of the many reasons to thank you - Yes, the operation went exactly as you said it would, and I went home the very next day.