J. N. Fauta, MA, USA

In June of 2006 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, after the initial shock I had to get down to business and look for a way to treat my cancer. Just turning 60 and otherwise in good health, I was a good candidate for either radical surgery, or radiation treatment.

My urologist and internist recommended radical surgery. Initially I liked the idea of removing the prostate, but did not favor the four to six weeks downtime and the possible need for blood transfusions, in other words, the fear of major surgery.

 I researched the possibility of radiology but I still believed that removing the cause of the cancer was the only logical option for me.

My primary care physician had mentioned robotic surgery. My wife and I did extensive research and the name of Dr. David Samadi kept coming up as pioneer and leader in the field of robotic surgery. I made an appointment with Dr. Samadi to discuss the DaVinci Robotic surgery method. Dr. Samadi was everything that I had read and more, he was personable, compassionate and above all extremely professional. Dr. Samadi explained that robotic surgery was less traumatic, less invasive, no need for transfusions due to loss of blood, and minimal down time, only one night of hospital stay. I was left with the impression that Dr. Samadi totally believed in this type of surgery and that this was the best option for me.
Dr. Samadi’s step by step explanation was exactly how the surgery went, I spent only one night in the hospital, I had a few small incisions and was ready to go back to work in ten days. I have my PSA level monitored on a regular basis by Dr. Samadi.

Dr. Samadi and robotic surgery was the answer to what I needed in these difficult times, I was made to feel safe and that I was going to be okay. My family and I will always be grateful to Dr. Samadi  for his care, professionalism and expertise in the area of robotic surgery.

J. N. Fauta
December 18, 2006

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

H. S. MD, Connecticut, USA

It is now more than a week post-op and all is well (including path reports). Once again, I thank Dr. Samadi and all at Mount Sinai for the opportunity to be cared for by the best.?

P. F.,Maplewood, New Jersey

The results of the surgery were astonishing, and after an amazingly short healing process, I had none of the incontinence or impotence that, unfortunately, is too often side effects of old-fashioned surgery...

David G., USA

When I sat in front of Dr. Samadi for the first time he asked me who had recommended I visit him, "Everyone" I answered. And that is the truth, everyone I discussed my situation with told me to go with Dr. Samadi because of his finely polished skills and expertise in this procedure.

H. L., Staten Island, USA

Your professionalism and skill are first class; your team great and the facility top notch. You are the “Leonardo” of the DaVinci Robotic prostatectomy. Thank you!