Dan C., USA

As most of you know, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August. For those of you who follow real estate you know it's location, location, location. If your health situation requires that you have surgery, it's experience, experience, experience.

I was extremely fortunate that I was blessed with the best surgeon for the job,
Dr. David Samadi. www.roboticoncology.com It was his experience as a surgeon, a top notch team of professionals, compassion for his patients, passion for his work and a humility that is rare among people of his stature. It was this that gave me the comfort to go forward. Dr. Samadi has been blessed with a gift and he feels an obligation to provide the best care that is possible for his patients.

Today, December 17, 2009, I was advised that I am cancer free. I am thankful to the Lord who created Dr. Samadi and the good doctor who gave me a second chance.

If you're wondering why I did this email, it's because no one has to have a negative outcome. If you or a loved one is facing this type of crisis or concern and you don't know where to turn, drop me an email.

I know that these holidays will be especially happy for me and my family and I hope you will enjoy the same happiness.

Dan C.

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

William and Glenn, USA

In May of 2010 my brother Glenn was suffering from back pain. After tests for kidney stones were negative it was discovered that his PSA level was 9.

Stepan S. , Russia, Moscow

  Best in this area, a “Leonardo of our time,” an outstanding human being and a true expert in the field of urologic oncology and robotic surgery - Dr. David Samadi.

Israel and Miriam - Israel

לכבוד דר' דוד סמאדי, אנו מודים לרבונו של עולם שנתן לנו את ההזדמנות להכיר אותך ואת עבודת הקודש שאתה מתעסק בה, וכמובן הזכות שהיית הרופא שלנו. אנו מודים לבננו דר' יצחק הבר שגלה לנו את מומחיותך ועמד על כך שנהיה המטופלים שלך.

Louis S., USA

The operation went like clockwork and was successful. My stay at Mt. Sinai for a little over 24 hours went just as Dr. Samadi had explained at our first consultation .There were no surprises or unexpected incidents. The staff at Mt. Sinai were great. My post operative recovery is progressing well...