Michael O

Dear Dr. Samadi,

I was released from the hospital two weeks ago Thursday and spent one week at the Hope Lodge NY before visiting your office and having Anne (wonderful smart caring…) remove my catheter and then get my results and final instruction from Helen (wonderful, smart caring as well)  I was back to work part time for a meeting one week after my discharge and I feel great.  I have taken not one pain pill since 15 hrs from my surgery. You removed my cancer, my continence is good already and my erectile function is great with no use of any pills.  (Do not tell Ann and Helen they wanted me to wait)
1st:  You and your team are unbelievable.  Everything you and your staff said was going to happen happened exactly as planned.
2nd: You are a rare individual…..I have traveled the world and have met thousands of people and am blessed to have many great friends and family from all walks of life, intellect, spirituality, leadership qualities and genuine nice and caring people.  You not only have the best of the above you also have the skills as a surgeon, leadership qualities to run a successful program, engineering skills to set up a process that is perfect from start to finish the experience level as the master of your profession, an eye for talent and a prerequisite of hiring the very best people with the most caring friendly attitude.  This all comes from you and you set the bar.
3rd:  YOU really care about your patience and your team and others you interface with.   Having you personally come get me and bring me to the OR is un-heard of; followed by a re introduction to the surgical team and the T4000 or what ever that Divinci robot was.  Your light hearted calming professional attitude in the OR had me incredibly calm.   Did you see my pulse and BP on the monitor before the procedure? I did!  With no meds my pulse was 67 and my BP was 115 over 78.  It would normally take a two hour massage to get me to those numbers. I knew I was in good hands and a “home run” would be achieved. Having your team call my family in the middle of the surgery and then visit them and me no less then 5 times in a 24 hr period blew me away.  I just do not know how you do it.  
Thank all who worked behind the scenes including Vickie and your office team.   Thank you so much for saying what you were going to do and doing it with perfection.  You are a remarkable person and everyone we interfaced with thinks the world of you as well.  
From the bottom of our hearts thank you.

Michael O and our family

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Ezra R., Israel

שמי עזרא אני בן 51 והתגלה אצלי סרטן ערמונית לפני שמונה חודשים.מהרגע שהסרטן התגלה הבנתי שיש הרבה שיטות טיפול והיה מאד קשה להחליט על צורת הטיפול והנושא הצריך לעשות שיעורי בית יסודיים.

Anthony R,

The day that I discovered I had prostate cancer I thought that my life was over. I thought I'd wouldn't live to see my grandchildren grow up or grow old with my wife. Then I met Doctor David Samadi...

V.G. New York

If there is such a thing as Cancer Treatment Heaven, it is under the gifted care of Dr. Samadi, his medical team, administrative staff and cancer treatment unit at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Holy and Rick, USA

My Husband Rick was diagnosed with prostate cancer right before Christmas 2010. He was diagnosed at the same age that his father was but his father lost his battle with cancer at age 56. I was not ready to be a widow nor my children fatherless so I needed to find the best doctor on the face of this earth.