John, New York,USA

For several years I was monitored by my urologist, having had an enlarged
prostate, slow stream, high grade pin, negative P.S.A.’s and biopsies.
In October 2009 the results of my P.S.A.’s had rapidly increased from 5.7 to 7.
Another biopsy was performed. My urologist informed my family and me that my
Gleason score was 7 and two of the slides revealed that cancer was present. To
confirm the cancer was contained to the prostate, a radiological abdomen and
bone scan was performed. It came back negative.

We had a consultation with the urologist to discuss my options for treatments.
Because of my age of 74, some of the options were not to my liking.

1 – was to “wait and see”
2 – surgery
3 – radiation
4 – implantation of seeds

My urologist then referred me to Dr. David Samadi, Chief of Robotics and
Minimally Invasive Surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital, specializing in urological
oncology, robotic surgery, and development of the Da Vinci technique. He had
performed over 1500 surgeries successfully. I had several medical doctors and
staff recommend him. I felt confident and optimistic.

When I met this soft spoken, smiling, prestigious gentleman with a lot of
confidence I felt comfortable. We discussed my age and the cancer being
contained. We decided surgery was the best option.

On March 25th 2010 my surgery was performed at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Surgery
lasted 100 minutes. After recovery I returned to Eleven West where I booked a
private room. It was a private floor for surgery with special nursery. I would
recommend it to anyone having surgery.

Dr. Samadi came to talk to my wife, my daughter, and me. He told us the prostate
was huge, the cancer was contained to the prostate, and there were no
complications. A few hours later I was walking the halls, I had no pain, no
clots, no blood loss, just the annoying Foley catheter. The next morning I was
released from the hospital and went home. The following morning, with the small
catheter strapped to my leg, I was in town walking and talking to friends.

One week later, Helen, Dr. Samadi’s nurse, took the catheter out, what a relief.
After six weeks I was back to my regular routine; heavy lifting, strenuous
activities, etc., each day getting better and on my way to full recovery.
I can’t express enough thanks to Dr. Samadi for his exceptional skills and for
operating on me, for I believe in my heart no other surgeon would have. I would
like to thank Dr. Samadi’s surgical, hospital and office staff for patience,
wonderful care and compassion, and for helping my family and me through this
entire experience.

It has also made us aware of the fragility of life and the consequences we face.
If you are a candidate, go to the best for treatment. I know I did. My last
P.S.A. was 0.

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

Bill O., New York, USA

“NO ONE HAS TO DIE OF PROSTATE CANCER EVER AGAIN! The hospital and Dr. David Samadi are the BEST! They saved my life with no pain, no strain. They can do the same for you!

Bob B. New Milford, USA

Thanks to Dr. David Samadi and the staff at Mt. Sinai Hospital for giving me my life back.

M. Ciuffo

As I sit at home recuperating from surgery you performed this past Wednesday 4/29 I just felt a need to reach out to you to thank you for saving my life.

D. L., New Jersey, USA

"You are the all around Doctor that together with your robotic surgery I will recommend without a doubt".