Mr. Smith, USA

                                                             ODE TO DR. DAVID SAMADI
*Dr. Samadi :  How can I find the words  to thank you for saving my life?
  There are no words!

*Dr. Samadi:  How can I thank you for your masterful   surgical   technique? There was hardly any pain or discomfort!
I have no words!

*Dr. Samadi:  How can I find the words to thank you for your warm and  caring  demeanor  which gave me the courage to go through this difficult process?
There are no words!

*Dr. Samadi:  How can I  thank  you  for  caring  enough  to  call  and  advise me  against  seeking an inappropriate  alternative  treatment?
  I have no words!

*Dr. Samadi: May you  and  your  family   be  blessed  with  good  health  and long life for your many  kindnesses to so many people!

With   Everlasting   Gratitude,

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

Dedicated to all women whose husbands have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Dr. Aharon Manes, senior Urologist, surgeon from “Hasharon” hospital in Petah Tiqwa, Israel, my doctor, a professional, attentive, patient physician, had sent me to have a blood exam on 1/9/2010, to establish my PSA level. The PSA result was 19.5.

Steve S. New Jersey, USA

Dr. Samadi is a unique person having reached the pinnacle of his profession, while at the same time treating all his patients with compassion as though they are members of his immediate family.

Louis S., USA

The operation went like clockwork and was successful. My stay at Mt. Sinai for a little over 24 hours went just as Dr. Samadi had explained at our first consultation .There were no surprises or unexpected incidents. The staff at Mt. Sinai were great. My post operative recovery is progressing well...

Gary W.

Thanks for being my surgeon. Your entire staff; including Roceo, Maria, Ann, Martha, Nurse Ann, Charles, and all the doctors, nurses, and assistants at Mount Sinai Hospital and Clinic have been very kind to me.