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Lenox Hill Hospital Welcomes Top Robotic Prostate Surgeon

New York, NY, July 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Excellence in robotic prostate surgery will soon have a new address as David B. Samadi, MD becomes Chairman of Urology, Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital and Professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. For the past six years Dr. Samadi has served patients as Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery and Vice Chairman of the Department of Urology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Dr. Samadi brings with him a staff of 20 professionals, including his dedicated surgical team. To date, more than 4,500 men have benefited from his highly successful robotic prostate cancer removal surgery:  SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique). His custom procedure and extensive surgical background will spearhead the new Prostate Cancer Center at Lenox Hill Hospital, inclusive of the da Vinci Surgical System robot.

"The new Prostate Cancer Center will give us tremendous opportunities to support men and their families as they fight prostate cancer," said Dr. Samadi. "I look forward to sharing this new phase with my team and our family of patients."

Dr. Samadi is a board certified urologic oncologist uniquely trained in traditional surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery. More than 6,000 patients turn to Dr. Samadi for his comprehensive excellence in prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and other urologic diseases.

From the Lenox Hill Hospital Prostate Cancer Center, Dr. Samadi will continue to lead prostate cancer research and emphasize prostate health around the world. His outspoken support of early detection and the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test will remain at the forefront of his practice. Dr. Samadi will also continue his dedication to international efforts through overseas training missions and the treatment of international patients seeking his care in the U.S.

Patients of Dr. Samadi's can be assured the same high level of surgical expertise and family support during the transition. The Lenox Hill Hospital Prostate Cancer Center at 485 Madison Avenue, between 51st-52nd Streets, in Manhattan is just a short distance from Dr. Samadi's current location.

Dr. Samadi's website,, serves as a premiere online resource for men and their families and is translated into six languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, and Hebrew. He also appears in living rooms throughout the greater New York area every Sunday morning as co-host of Fox News Channel's "Sunday Housecall".

Dr. Samadi and his team can be reached at 212-365-5000.

David B. Samadi, MD
Chairman of Urology,
Chief of Robotic Surgery at
Lenox Hill Hospital
Professor of Urology at
Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
485 Madison Avenue  
New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212)365-5000

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

David A., Israel

שמעתי על ד"ר סמאדי דרך מכר אשר הכרתי בקבוצת תמיכה באינטרנט,כאשר גיליתי כי אני נזקק לטיפול בסרטן הערמונית,והתחלתי לחפש מקורות מידע ותמיכה.

Joseph P., USA

Your fame as the Leonardo of the Da Vinci robotic prostate surgery is well known. It is also documented by the many testimonials of your patients. I would like to add my own experience to show how masterfully you also apply your unique skills and methodology to the most demanding surgery of this type removal of the bladder...

The Wife, USA

The next day we went to see Dr. Samadi. In walked a tall surgeon, with a great grip when he shook hands.  He proceeded to show us what the male body looked like around the prostate, and all of the work that had to be done to make sure that Ken would come out with a fully functional body, minus his prostate.

Martin K,

Earlier this year I was given the devastating news that I had prostate cancer.  I was diagnosed after a routine company medical, followed by a Biopsy.  From that day and during the following weeks I researched the subject to try and find a subtitle course of treatment...