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Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery at Any Age

Dr. David Samadi, Robotic Prostatectomy Expert, Delivers Quality of Life After Prostate Cancer, Regardless of Age.

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 29, 2012) - Watchful waiting and treatment choice are hot topics in the battle against prostate cancer. To treat or not to treat is even more heavily debated when men advance in age. A growing number of experts maintain that prostate cancer poses limited immediate health risks and that older patients need not subject themselves to treatment such as prostate cancer surgery or radiation for prostate cancer.

Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery at Any Age

Dr. David Samadi, Vice Chairman, Department of Urology, and Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, leads the charge in the aggressive and immediate treatment of prostate cancer. As a leading robotic prostatectomy surgeon, he has performed over 3,800 successful prostate removal surgeries; a significant number of his patients are over age 65.

"The justification is really very simple," Dr. Samadi explains, "Prostate cancer is a deadly disease and robotic surgery is a highly effective, minimally invasive way to cure it. The patients I meet are not willing to sit idle with constant anxiety and worry about the state of their prostate cancer. They're active men who -- at any age -- want to enjoy their families, their wives, and their busy lives."

Yale School of Medicine recently published a study of nearly 40,000 prostate cancer patients age 67 and older. Their findings show an increase in active prostate cancer treatment in men with a shorter life expectancy and a moderate-risk diagnosis. As such, the research team suggests that, in some men, treatment may be more aggressive than warranted.

Prostate cancer is diagnosed through a PSA blood test and digital rectal exam (DRE). Abnormal values are subsequently followed by biopsy. Currently, however, prostate cancer diagnostic tools are limited in their ability to accurately stage the disease. This creates more complex treatment decisions whereby specialists and patients must weigh age, wellness, lifestyle, treatment side effects, and diagnosis details carefully.

"We can't generalize what's best for an otherwise healthy patient. Today age is very relative," said Dr. Samadi, "When I know I can safely and successfully operate on an older man, eliminate his prostate cancer, and give him an enjoyable, worthwhile life I am confident recommending robotic surgery."

Among Dr. Samadi's success stories is 79-year-old Bernie Ruderman. Diagnosed last year with advanced prostate cancer, Bernie immediately sought Dr. Samadi. "I was skeptical about my chances of becoming his patient," said Bernie, "but I felt my life depended on it." After a thorough consultation, Dr. Samadi saw beyond Bernie's age and agreed to operate on him. "This is a man who leads a very full life. He wasn't willing to be sidelined by prostate cancer and I knew that with robotic surgery I could give him the full recovery and quality of life he deserves," Dr. Samadi added.

Bernie's surgery was a success and just six weeks later his PSA level was near zero. "He was walking around the hospital room just hours after the procedure. Bernie isn't the exception, but he is an exceptional patient," commended Dr. Samadi, "His determination for not just recovery, but a quality life at any age is a testament to the role that minimally invasive robotic surgery can play in curing prostate cancer."

Bernie speaks candidly about his recovery post-robotic prostatectomy in Dr. Samadi's newsletter, Robotic Oncology, including the short-lived urinary and sexual side effects he experienced. The newsletter includes many other articles on the latest prostate cancer information and treatment innovations.

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* The benefits of robotic surgery cannot be guaranteed as surgery is both patient and procedure specific. Previous surgical results do not guarantee future outcomes.

H. S. MD, Connecticut, USA

It is now more than a week post-op and all is well (including path reports). Once again, I thank Dr. Samadi and all at Mount Sinai for the opportunity to be cared for by the best.?

D. Cuddy, New York, USA

"My 30 day PSA came back as 0 which was great. I feel very fortunate to have adequate health coverage, access to a great physician like Dr. Samadi, and such a loving partner, family and friends who have supported me"

MvR, Netherlands (Translated)

After the shock of being diagnosed with cancer, my next step was to find the best doctor to remove the prostate. I found Dr. Samadi, and he and his team did a great job of patient in-take and supporting me practically and emotionally through the process.

67 岁,美国 纽约

2011年5月,我的验血报告PSA数值为4.89。7月份在排除了泌尿系统炎症等因素后,泌尿科医生决定为我做前列腺组织活检。活检报告表明我患前列腺癌,而且格里森等级(Gleason’s Grade)为7。