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David Samadi, MD Welcomes Students Behind-the-Robot

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2014) - Today, David Samadi, MD, Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, welcomed students from the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED) to witness his custom robotic prostate surgery technique. As a kick-off to the ten-day residential program, high school students in the greater tri-state area observed the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART) Surgery for prostate removal at Lenox Hill Hospital. The event marks Dr. Samadi's third year of involvement with the New York NYLF/MED and his second year hosting these students at Lenox Hill.

As a leading New York oncologic urologist, Dr. Samadi is internationally recognized for his expertise in prostate cancer treatment and robotic prostate surgery. He was very pleased to continue his tradition with the academically outstanding students in this year's program.

"Students get a very real-world view of the responsibilities and challenges that surgeons and doctors face. They see everything first-hand from the surgical setting to patient care. It's a tremendous opportunity for students that are interested in medicine," said Dr. Samadi.

While only in its third year in New York, the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine has a 20-year history throughout the United States. The tuition and scholarship program gives academically outstanding high school students the opportunity to experience the world of healthcare, putting them face-to-face with experts from top medical centers. Participating students, all of whom excel in math and science, are selected based on nominations and recommendations from their teachers and from past NYLF/MED participants. All students express a strong interest in the healthcare field.

"I was honored to kick off New York's inaugural NYLF/MED year in 2012 and very happy to welcome the students to Lenox Hill again this year," said Dr. Samadi. "Interacting with the students is a wonderful experience for me. I enjoy introducing these bright minds to the opportunities in healthcare and answering their insightful questions. Their knowledge and passion for medicine will be a tremendous asset to future patients."

Dr. Samadi performed this morning's robotic prostate removal at The Prostate Cancer Center at Lenox Hill Hospital, and the students observed it in real time via closed circuit TV. The well-attended session was followed by Q&A with Dr. Samadi, giving students a chance to delve deeper into his unique SMART surgical technique and his approach to patient recovery from prostate cancer.

First-year medical students were also invited to witness the procedure and for many it was their first live surgery. Dr. Samadi was welcomed back to the program after very successful participation in the past. The live surgery opportunities are very popular within the NYLF/MED program and Dr. Samadi's SMART Surgery is among the most highly regarded sessions.

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I learned a long time ago that when you need make a decision on a surgeon, do your homework. Ask questions. A knowledge understanding of your condition, accompanied with researching your doctor, will inevitably lead you to the office...

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My story starts on August 2010 when results from a PSA test showed a disturbing signal-6.3 A biopsy held in the beginning of October 2010 showed a more disturbing signal-Gleason 4+3.

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When I sat in front of Dr. Samadi for the first time he asked me who had recommended I visit him, "Everyone" I answered. And that is the truth, everyone I discussed my situation with told me to go with Dr. Samadi because of his finely polished skills and expertise in this procedure.

Dr. Avinoam K., Israel

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