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Prostaatkankerdeskundige dr. David Samadi zal levensreddende robotische prostatectomieoperaties doen in Nederland, 10/18/2011

Prostaatkankerdeskundige dr. David Samadi zal levensreddende robotische prostatectomieoperaties doen in Nederland

Prostaatkankerdeskundige dr. David Samadi reist deze week naar Nederland en wil op die manier zijn steentje bijdragen aan het verbeteren van gezondheidszorg wereldwijd en aan de toegankelijkheid van medische technologie.

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Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa reveals he has prostate cancer, 04/20/2011

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa reveals he has prostate cancer

Radio host, Guardian Angels founder and Gotti family nemesis Curtis Sliwa was once the victim of a drive-by shooting. Now he hopes to have drive-through prostate cancer surgery.

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El Homs inaugura un centro de cáncer, 03/31/2011

El Homs inaugura un centro de cáncer

Con una inversión que asciende a los 350 millones de pesos, fue inaugurado ayer el Centro del Cáncer Homs, una dependencia del Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (Homs) que cuenta con la más avanzada y moderna tecnología del Caribe y de algunos países latinoamericanos.

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Supercirujano Técnica, cerebro y corazón, 10/01/2010

Supercirujano Técnica, cerebro y corazón

El primer encuentro con el doctor David Samadi surge por casualidad un d�a antes de la entrevista en su oficina del n�mero 625 de la avenida de Madison, al final de un trayecto de tren desde Newark hasta Manhattan. Es una tarde gris y con un paisaje decadente, que deja atr�s vallas retorcidas, hangares abandonados en medio de charcos de lluvia y puentes ro�osos.

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Prostatectomía robótica, una opción efectiva para tratar cáncer de próstata y de ganglios, 01/11/2011

Prostatectomía robótica, una opción efectiva para tratar cáncer de próstata y de ganglios

Desde 2002, los pacientes con cáncer de próstata cuentan con una opción efectiva para tratar esta enfermedad. Se trata de la Cirugía Robótica Asistida, también conocida como Prostatectomía Laparoscópica, un método desarrollado por el doctor David Samadi, usando el robot Da Vinci, que sirve para realizar cirugías con la mínima invasión radical, es decir, evitan los grandes cortes con bisturí de las cirugías tradicionales.

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Especialista en robótica impartirá cátedra en PUCMM, 03/11/2011

Especialista en robótica impartirá cátedra en PUCMM

El jefe de Robótica y  Cirugía Mínimamente Invasiva del Mount Sinaí School of Medicine de Nueva York, David B. Samadi, impartirá una cátedra hoy sobre diagnóstico y tratamiento de enfermedades urológicas.

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Resaltan beneficios de la Cirugía Robótica

El doctor David B. Samadi dictó una conferencia en la Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), adonde acudió invitado por la casa de estudios, el Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (Homs) y la Fundación García Almánzar.

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Robotic Prostate Surgery, 03/14/2011

Robotic Prostate Surgery

Wondering how robotic prostate surgery works? Since it is the latest, is it the best treatment for prostate cancer? Is it better than cryosurgery? I wanted an expert on robotic prostatectomy to give you the answers so I interviewed Dr. David B. Samadi, one of the very few urologic surgeons in the United States.

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Especialista de Estados Unidos Recomienda Cirugìa Robotica en Cancer de la Prostata

El cáncer de próstata y otros problemas de salud se pueden resolver hoy en día con menos riesgos y su recuperación puede ser más rápida. Ésto, gracias a la cirugía robótica mínimamente invasiva que realiza el doctor David B. Samadi.

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Spoedoperatie Jan des Bouvrie De Telegraaf, 02/22/2011

Spoedoperatie Jan des Bouvrie

New York - Jan des Bouvrie (68) heeft een spoedoperatie ondergaan vanwege prostaatkanker. De binnenhuisarchitect onderging de operatie tien dagen geleden in het Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. In mei 2003 werd bij zijn echtgenote al de ziekte van non-Hodgkin geconstateerd.

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הודעה מהדובר - הניתוח הרובוטי הראשון ברמב"ם & www rmmg, 01/26/2011

הודעה מהדובר - הניתוח הרובוטי הראשון ברמב"ם &

שלום רב, ביום ה' האחרון, הצטרף המרכז הרפואי רמב"ם לחזית בתי החולים המתקדמים בעולם שבהם מבצעים ניתוחים באמצעות רובוט הניתוחים "דה וינצ'י". ד"ר דייויד סמאדי, המשמש כרופא בכיר במחלקה האונקו-אורולוגית בביה"ח "מאונט סיני" ומשמש גם כיועץ רפואי ברשת "פוקס", הגיע לרמב"ם, כדי להשתתף בניתוח הראשון שבוצע ביה"ח. במהלך יום ה' ויום ו', בוצעו ברמב"ם שלושה ניתוחים, שסוקרו בהרחבה במהדורת החדשות של ערוץ 2, וברשת פוקס.

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Steve Benjamin Continues To Inspire WindCheck, 09/09/2010

Steve Benjamin Continues To Inspire

In honor of Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s robotic surgeon, Dr. David Samadi, the Robotic Oncology yacht performs impressively in the 7th Biennial Rolex Race Week at Newport, held July 21-24, 2010 during New York Yacht Club Race Week. Led by Steve Benjamin of South Norwalk, Connecticut, he and his team won the Rolex US-IRC National Championship Class 3 and finished in second place overall. Complete with its custom-designed sail by medical marketers Aurora Information Technology, the Tripp 41 Robotic Oncology yacht finished the regatta with five wins and one fifth-place finish in six races.

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Prostate Cancer Screenings: What’s a Guy to Do? The, 06/01/2009

Prostate Cancer Screenings: What’s a Guy to Do?

“In the hands of experienced robotic surgeons, quality of life and cancer cure rate, sexual function and continence
is excellent. It’s not just the robot that counts, of course, it’s the team and the experience you bring on board.”

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'Star Trek' Surgery Forbes, 05/28/2009

'Star Trek' Surgery

Surgical machines are one area the U.S. can lead the known universe in manufacturing.

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Prostate Cancer: Weighing Options

You've been diagnosed with prostate cancer and after the shock comes confusion.

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Extending Male Longevity - Why Prostate Screening Still Makes Sense

Dr. David Samadi is a crusader for men because he knows what can happen when politicians get their minds around misconceptions and translate them into laws that they can say will save money. The good doctor knows such laws would lose lives

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Robotic cancer PSA test - Fortune Magazine Fortune Magazine, 03/23/2009

Is the Prostate Test Still Worth It?

Despite new doubts, a noted prostate surgeon explains why he thinks it's still a potential life-saver.

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Robotic Technology Saving Prostate Cancer Patients

A new high-tech weapon is helping surgeons in the fight against prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men.

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Prostate health - Fortune Magazine Fortune Magazine, 01/09/2008

Medical Breakthroughs Are Leading The Way To Better Prostate Health

There are also dramatic developments in the types of prostate cancer surgery being done around the country. Mount Sinai’s Samadi is a leading robotic laparoscopic surgeon, having performed more than 1,650 such operations over the last seven years. He contends that this minimally invasive procedure has substantial advantages over traditional “open” surgery.

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Dr. Samadi - cutting-edge robotic prostatectomy New York Daily News, 06/11/2008

Protecting Dad from a silent killer is the best gift of all.

A uro-oncologist for 12 years, Samadi specializes in using cutting-edge robotic technology to remove prostate cancer. One of the first surgeons in America to perform robotic prostatectomies, he has performed more than 1,650 of the procedures.

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Robotic prostatectomy - New York Daily News New York Daily News, 11/07/2006

Sibs Unite Through Ops & Downs

This is a unique story. You never hear of two brothers diagnosed the same time who have the same surgery with the same doctor.

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Robotic Prostatectomy - Metro New York Metro New York, 08/31/2006

MY Day Dr. David Samadi

New York, Thursday, August 31, 2006 - Nicknamed “the Robodoc,” Dr. David Samadi can perform prostate surgery while sitting 10 feet away from his patients. As September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month, the doctor fills us in on how he performs the surgery with robots.

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Robotic Prostatectomy - Healthnews Health News Spring/Summer 2006

Robotic Prostatectomy: A New Frontier

Today, men diagnosed with prostate cancer no longer have to face major surgery involving large incisions and post-operative side effects such as loss of bladder control and sexual function. Robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy-revolutionary and advanced prostate cancer treatment-has profoundly changed the options for prostate cancer patients.

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Tele-Surgery The New York Sun, 01/17/2006

Doctor Discusses Plans To Perform Tele-Surgery

“Dr. Samadi soon plans to perform tele-surgery on patients abroad… This technology was intended to ultimately enable a doctor to perform long-distance surgeries..But robotic technology has advanced so rapidly that we're now able to perform the surgeries without delay…"

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David Samadi, MD - da Vinci robotic prostatectomy Newsweek, 12/04/2005

Cutting Edge

"Five years ago, says Dr. David B. Samadi, director of robotic laparoscopic urology surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/ Columbia Medical Center, 80 to 90 percent of the prostatectomies he did were open, with less than 10 percent done robotically. Now the figures have reversed..."

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David Samadi, MD - robotic prostate surgery The Harrison Report, 12/09/2005

Cause for Celebration

Samadi, who is one of the few urologic surgeons in the U.S. trained in both oncol­ogy and laparoscopy, performed the first robotic laparoscopic radical prostatectomy in 2001 at Columbia Presbyterian and is one of the leaders in this advanced field

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Sex After Prostate Surgery PR Newswire, 12/14/2005

Is There Sex After Prostate Surgery? Yes - If You Choose the Right Procedure

…most men are able to maintain sexual capabilities and bladder control after a robotic prostatectomy. This is different from an open prostatectomy, where men commonly lose continence and ability to have fulfilling sex.

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Recovery Time From Prostate Cancer Surgery NY1 News, 11/07/2005

Robotic Procedure Can Trim Recovery Time From Prostate Cancer Surgery

"A minimally invasive, robotic procedure for prostate cancer is trimming down recovery time and hospital stays, and showing more promising results..."

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Prostate Cancer Surgery The Rye Sound Shore Review, 11/08/2004

Robots Help Perform Prostate Cancer Surgery

"Now a new, minimally invasive surgical procedure uses finely controlled robotic instruments to perform the surgery more safely while enhancing patient recovery and outcome. While sitting at a computer console, the surgeon controls a robotic system that includes a high-resolution camera and micro-surgical instruments..."

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A Better Treatment for Prostate Cancer Westchester Magazine, April 2003

A Better Treatment for Prostate Cancer

"Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is an exciting development because it appears to perform as well as traditional open surgery, while being less invasive. In the United States, open surgery, formally called open radical retropubic prostatectomy, is the most common operation for prostate cancer and it is performed through a single abdominal incision of five- to 10-inches..." , open surgery, formally called open radical retropubic prostatectomy, is the most common operation for prostate cancer and it is performed through a single abdominal incision of five- to 10-inches..."

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The Wife, USA

The next day we went to see Dr. Samadi. In walked a tall surgeon, with a great grip when he shook hands.  He proceeded to show us what the male body looked like around the prostate, and all of the work that had to be done to make sure that Ken would come out with a fully functional body, minus his prostate.

Ron Safir

Dr. Samadi, you are obviously a masterful surgeon.  In addition to your individual talents, you are also a tremendous CEO.

Tony S., USA

This is not a paid endorsement, even though it’s going to sound like one. This is just a true account of my experiences with the amazing Dr. David B. Samadi and his incredible staff in the time leading up to and following my recent robotic prostate removal surgery.  

G. A., New York, USA

"Just yesterday I got the results of my one month post surgery blood test, the PSA level is less than 0.1, thank you Dr. Samadi!"