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Ann G.,

My husband and I have been extolling the virtues of Dr. David Samadi and Mt. Sinai Hospital since my husband’s robotic prostatectomy March 11, 2009, and we thought you would like to know of our positive experience. We are often quick to report our displeasure or disappointments, but lax in reporting something affirmative. It started when fiiends recommended Dr. Samadi to us after my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and the urologist recommended by our primary physician recommended we donothing. I emailed Dr. Samadi from the Robotic Surgeons online site and within forty minutes, Dr. Samadi called us to set up an appointment. We received all forms by email from Dr. Samadi’s office and three days later, at exactly the appointed time, we consulted with Dr. Samadi and elected to have the robotic procedure. Dr. Samadi’s staff contacted us with instructions and urged us to call them if there were any questions. We arrived early at Mt. Sinai on the appointed day and were called immediately by the admission clerk and then escorted to the pre-op area where we were met by other friendly staff. The surgery went as planned, and I arrived the next day to take the patient home. The volunteers at the main desk were helpful in finding the room number and even walked me to the correct elevator. I found my husband being attended by caring people who patiently offered explanations, so that we had no questions about what to expect. Robert had seen Dr. Samadi that morning and recounted to me his operating- room experience and meeting others on Dr. Samadi’s staff. Before we departed, we spoke with the head nurse on the floor and told her how impressed we were with our experience. We are used to a small, rural hospital whose staff lives in the area and has worked there long enough that if we don’t know them personally, we know their children or their neighbors. How surprised we were to find this small community feeling in the heart of New York City!!!

Never once were we left to wait, feeling abandoned. Not once did I walk the corridors without someone asking if they could direct me somewhere. Each person we both or separately encountered was friendly and helpful and always professional. We didn’t feel like a number, but felt as though there were caring folks looking out for us. We didn’t feel the coldness associated with a large institution that gets more impersonal as it grows. We greatly appreciate the deliberate effort that must be expended every day for patients and visitors to be received in such a professional and caring manner. Dr. Samadi’s group operates like a well-oiled machine, but the communication is not the coldness of the machine, but the warmth of the people involved. What an accomplishment this is. .. efficient, professional, yet courteous and caring. We tell friends and all who will listen about Dr. Samadi and how our two days at Mt. Sinai went; some can’t believe how lucky we were. Is it luck? No, I don’t think so. This is what Dr. Samadi wanted us to feel. The stress of undergoing surgery is negative enough for all concerned; there shouldn’t be anything contributing to or aggravating that. Thank you for you efforts to achieve a wonderful, small community environment where we would least expect it. It surely helped our attitude and well-being and for that we are grateful.

Sincerely, Ann G.

Ann, G
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