Anthony R.

United States

Dr. Samadi, I was diagnosed 7/27/15 with prostate cancer.

After researching my treatment options, I chose to have my prostate removed and, again after research, chose to have you do my surgery even though I live in Kentucky. You performed my surgery on 9/5/15. I just had my six week PSA test and my level is less than .003.

The purpose of this email is to see if there is any way you can use me to get the word out to men to have their PSA checked annually and then, if they are diagnosed with prostate cancer and are faced with the treatment options, to NOT fool around with it as, which is often the case, I had far more cancer (55%) and a more aggressive form than my biopsy had indicated plus my prostate was nearly twice the normal size. All this while being symptom-free and having ridden my bicycle over 5,000 miles this year.

Had I chosen one of the other treatment options, it is likely that the cancer would have gotten out of the prostate and into my body where it could have gone anywhere. Instead, I am cancer-free. Men need to hear my story as it may save their lives!

Thanks for, I believe, saving my life!.

Anthony R.
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