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When I sat in front of Dr. Samadi for the first time he asked me who had recommended I visit him, “Everyone” I answered. And that is the truth, everyone I discussed my situation with told me to go with Dr. Samadi because of his finely polished skills and expertise in this procedure. I heard this from oncologists, surgeons, and prostate cancer survivors. When I first started navigating through this process, in the midst of fear, anxiety and depression, I had all sorts of wishes. I wanted a Doctor who was near to my town and someone who would “hold my hand” through the process. Upon educating myself further about my options, I learned that what I really wanted and needed was the most skilled and qualified surgeon in this technique. I soon learned, verified and understood that Dr. Samadi was one of the best on the planet in this field and from that point on, nothing else really mattered.

During our visit, Dr. Samadi read my biopsy, considered my age (40), and general health, looked at my wife and myself reassuringly, and said “you’re going to be fine, this will not affect the longevity of your life”. That was what I needed and wanted to hear. The authority he commanded in saying those words were awesome. He then explained how he would spare my nerves related to quality of life concerns. That too was a great relief.

When we left his office my mother asked my wife and I if we liked Dr. Samadi and had decided to go with him and I told her exactly how I felt, I told her I would be an idiot not to go with him.

That was a few months ago. Now, a week out of surgery, I can confirm that I would have in fact been a complete idiot not to have gone with Dr. Samadi.

I received conformation yesterday that my cancer was organ confined and that it had not spread to the lymph nodes, surrounding tissue or seminal vesicles. These results give me an excellent chance of beating this disease. I will have my first post operative PSA test in about a month to confirm this.

This, like the operation itself, is part of a process; a process that starts with shock from the news of cancer to beating it. Besides the skills and talent, Dr. Samadi has the staff (Nurse Helen is fantastic), infrastructure and process to guide you safely through the journey.

I had my catheter removed yesterday and at the risk of sounding like a paid advertisement, I can announce that I have absolutely no leakage at all. I cannot believe it myself. Although I do have the urge to go very frequently, I have not leaked a single drop in over 30 hours now since removal of the catheter. I have complete urinary control eight days out of surgery and one day post catheter removal. I would say this is a quasi miracle, but Dr. Samadi is very confident both in literature and in his words of minimizing urinary side effects. Another example of why it’s best just to follow him through the process.

The operation itself went without a hitch. Samadi’s operative team was very warm and, like him, very reassuring. I woke up right after the operation and within thirty-minutes was in my private room on 11 West with my family.

Dr. Samadi came to visit me around 9PM, after his last operation of the day. He had started at 7AM and I was the third of five that day alone (the guy is a machine). I was groggy but I recall him telling me he had gone over my vitals and everything was good. He also helped answer questions I had about some minor pains in the bladder. At 7AM the next morning, he was again in my room answering more questions and checking up on me. He told me I could go home if I wanted or stay another night if I felt it necessary.

The pain from the actual operation goes away fast and gets significantly better literally by the hour. It feels like you got beaten up by Mike Tyson or like you did a million sit ups. The catheter caused me the worst discomfort but as predicted by Samadi and his staff, I got used to it within twelve hours and then had no issues with it for the following week.

My advice, surround yourself with loved ones, allow them to pamper and spoil you, get a room on 11 West, and definitely pick Dr. Samadi to take care of you because he will.

I’m a very young man with two beautiful children and a loving wife. I’m probably going to be okay now and it’s thanks to Dr. Samadi.

David G.
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