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Receiving the diagnosis of prostate cancer is like being hit by lightning. This is true even when your father died from this horrible disease and you have been monitoring your PSA and thinking about the odds of getting cancer for over a decade. The initial impact is not lessened by the fact that you are a senior mental health professional, trained to self-regulate your emotions. This is because considering the odds that you may get cancer remains an intellectual exercise until you are actually diagnosed.

After being diagnosed, the decision about what course to take and what doctor to use becomes the focus. Enter Dr. Samadi. Dr. Samadi was the first (and only) surgeon I visited. This was not something I could have predicted as the rule of thumb is to get several opinions. However, every physician I trusted recommended Dr. Samadi. When my wife and I met him, he was reassuring and personable. Most importantly, this world renowned surgeon really wanted to help me! I will never forget his words to me. He said, “I will do the right thing for you.” And he did. Not only was the surgery a complete success with wonderful path results, but during my long wait between biopsy and surgery, Dr. Samadi was always available for me to answer my questions and give me support when my worries got the best of me. Dr. Samadi even gave me his personal cell phone number so we could directly discuss my concerns! At other times, we communicated via e-mail and he often responded almost immediately to my questions.

I really do not know how he does it between his surgeries, but he did and I am eternally grateful.

Thanks God for a physician and a human being like Dr. Samadi. He literally saved my life and gave me and my family a chance to enjoy our lives together to the fullest. Dr. Samadi is a physician I would recommend without reservation and a man for whom I would do anything. He is saving lives with his incredible skills and at the same time he is a mensch-a decent, kind, and honorable individual.

Dr. K.

Dr. K.
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