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Dear Dr. Samadi,

I felt it important to write this letter to you at this time.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on April 24th.  Needless to say, news like that is paralyzing.  My wife and I spent countless hours investigating the illness, researching treatment alternatives and evaluating surgeons and institutions.

Traditional open radical prostatectomy seemed the tried and true technique and everything else was measured by it.  Obviously, what was touted as the “new” nerve sparing open surgery technique added a touch more comfort, but not much.  The post operative progression was slow, involved and long with many restrictions and caveats.

I then found information about the DaVinci robotic system.  It sounded state of the art and offered the possibility that prostate surgery might be evolving into the twenty-first century as have many other surgical procedures.  Thankfully, I found your name when looking for surgeons trained in robotic prostatectomy and practicing in New York City.

The confirmation was Dr. Babak Bina’s hearty urging that I see you immediately.  Once I spoke to you on the phone, I was optimistic for the first time in weeks.  I appreciate your fitting me into your busy schedule and came away from our initial consultation convinced that robotics were the way to go and you were the only man to do the procedure.  Your impressive training, considerable experience, confidence and warm, reassuring smile made me absolutely certain that all would be well.  The toughest part was waiting until the date of surgery, June 21st.

The date finally arrived.  I was apprehensive but confident.  I was amazed at how well I felt post-operatively compared to what I expected.  The care at the hospital was outstanding and the facility (The McKeen Pavilion) impeccable.  I was walking around within hours.  The following morning the drain was removed and I was discharged in the early afternoon.  I was truly amazed that it was over and that I felt so well.  Once home, I only needed to take two plain tylenol tablets, twice for pain, period.  I repeat, amazing!

This past Monday, five days post op, my catheter was removed.  Once again, I was amazed to find that I had and continue to have better than 90% bladder control, with each day improving.  I am resting and will return to my office and patients on July 5th, two weeks after surgery, again amazing.  Hopefully, all will continue to go well and I will certainly continue to follow all of your instructions to the letter.  I anxiously await the pathology results and am optimistic that they will confirm what you predicted, a cure.

I look forward to seeing you for my first post-op examination on Thursday, August 10th at 4:45 p.m.  Until then, I will contact you if I have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for giving me your cell phone number and email address.  This too was very comforting.

I cannot thank you enough for making a truly terrifying time of my life one that in retrospect will be just another bump in life’s journey.  Your professionalism and skill are first class; your team great and the facility top notch.  Henceforth, when I meet someone in a situation similar to that in which I found myself two months ago, yours is the only name I will mention and it will be followed by plaudits and raves.  You are the “Leonardo” of the DaVinci Robotic prostatectomy.  Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

H. Lieb

H. L.
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