I. K.

United States

I was forty three years old when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was overwhelmed and was worried with what would happen. I was so surprised because I was living such a healthy life: I was taking vitamins, exercising regularly, and eating correctly, so the news came as a complete shock. Fortunately I was introduced to Dr. Samadi who said that I was very lucky because the cancer was in the early stages and he would be able to help me. Everything he promised came true—I was home the next day after surgery and was upand about within a week. I was even back to a full day of work—a job that requires standing all day—after a week. Of course there were some side effects, such as the inability to control my urine for about three months, but I am glad; nonetheless, things worked out the way they did. I am very grateful to Doctor Samadi, because he promised to do everything possible to cure me and bring me back to the way I was and he did just that. I’m back to normal and enjoying my life.

I. Khanin, New York

I. K.
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