Ian R.


Just over a year ago on December 22, 2008 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In the midst of receiving this traumatic news, I was forced to decide on treatment from a bewildering array of options, from “watch and wait”, to radiation, to high frequency ultrasound, to conventional surgery, to laparoscopic surgery. More than all that, the choice foreshadowed long waiting lines, crowded hospitals and lagging technology as I turned to Canada’s socialized health system for treatment and cure.

Just a month later, I met with Dr. Samadi in New York on a recommendation from a close friend. The interview was a decisive turning point in my fortunes. The reality was that I had no choice at all, but a clear and obvious decision to elect robotic surgery from one of the foremost oncologists and surgeons in the United States. And so it came to pass. It has been nearly a year since my surgery last February 23 at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York — unquestionably, one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The surgery was successful and I now continue with quarterly PSA examinations. I resumed my hectic business life within a week of the surgery; I overcame temporary incontinence within the first six months of surgery; and now have regained normal sexual functioning. My hospital stay at Mount Sinai was reminiscent of Four Seasons hospitality with the added benefit of expert medical care.

The obligation from this experience is obvious – to make sure other Canadian men struggling with the trauma of prostate diagnosis are aware of the Samadi-Mount Sinai option. The flow of Canadian patients to the Samadi operating room in New York testifies to the success of our breakfast seminar and television interview with Dr. Samadi organized in Toronto last July. More needs to be done.

Ian R., Toronto, Canada

Ian R.
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