J. B.

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Dr. Samadi

I asked my Dad for your e-mail address because I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the kindness and caring that you’veshown my family and most importantly my father during this difficult time.  When my father was first diagnosed with cancer, even such a slow growing kind, it sent shockwaves through all of us.  Needless to say we were all very scared. When my Dad first discovered the DaVinci method for the surgery we began to feel much better. When I spoke with my Dad after his consult with you there was such a change in his voice and I could tell that my Dad felt much better and I began to feel better too. Through this whole process you have gone above and beyond.  I appreciate that you made yourself available to my Dad via cell phone and that you took the extra time to explain to my sister and me exactly how the procedure went.    At that moment I experienced what my Dad had been telling me for weeks, that not only are you a highly skilled surgeon but you are one of the nicest caring people around.  Thank you again not only for the great job you did with the surgery but really for putting my Dad, my Mom and my whole family at ease during this difficult time.  And by the way I intended to write this even before we got the great news from you yesterday, please don’t think my e-mail is influenced in the least by the great outcome.

Thanks again,

J. Bardavid

J. B.
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