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I am pleased and proud to add my comments to the patients list of success stories.

I had been affected by BPH (growing prostate) for 10 years.  With significant quality of life issues appearing the last 3-1/2 yrs. With the on-set of more severe symptoms a protocol of drug treatments began. After the series of drugs gave little or no relief. My request for a 2nd opinion was met with some resistance. In Nov. 2013 I took the advice of an independent health care physician to research a teaching hospital for the 2nd opinion to discuss an alternative to the drug protocol. I chose Dr. Samadi. Jan. 24th my visit to the Madison Ave office brought great relief and confidence.

Dr. Samadi offered to extend the visit to includea cystoscopy as to save us a return trip to the city. As Dr.Samadi and staff member examined the 30 pages of records and my observation of the condition. Dr.Samadi and Arta addressed every concern I had. Dr. Samadi diagnosis was very reassuring, Dr.Samadi said “This condition we can fix”. Dr.Samadi scheduled a “Button Turp” “Shaving” procedure for Feb.10th at Lenox hill Hospital and was completed. Dr, Samadi was very confident in the outcome. Upon leaving Lenox Hill Hospital that Tuesday I met another prostate patient (Mr. Keith- see photo attached )in the hall , we were both relieved to have the surgery done ,as we supported each other to the street. I am very pleased to make reference to the extraordinary support staff. First at the office Marta is very helpful at the front desk, and scheduling. Arta the nurse practioner was excellent with informing patient what to expect moving forward. At Lenox Hill hospital; Helen the nurse in pre-op testing was excellent as well. Dr. Thomas is my anesthesiologist that day. Dr. Thomas explained how we proceed and why. That had also been very comforting. Maureen was the nurse manager at the recovery unit. The protocol she sets every level is dedicated to the comfort and well-being of the patients in their care. Dr.Samadi assured my wife the entire experience would be pleasant including the accommodations. And it was just as Dr.Samadi described. Dr.Samadi has established the Gold standard for patient care. In which the entire superb support staff are among the very best professionals exhibit that standard every day –every patient.  Now being 5 weeks out from the surgery. Results are as follows; Sleeping 5-1/2hr sleep each night, restored energy level, resume exercise program, lost 12lbs so far. Discontinue three medications and no ED symptoms. Overall I have no BPH symptoms. Dr. Samadi along with his staff has restored a Quality of life not offered elsewhere.  It’s a blessing to have had the opportunity to receive care at the Dr. David B. Samadi Cancer Center.  In Manhattan.

I would encourage every man with a prostate issue to contact Dr.Samadi center for a review.

In closing Please except My Thanks to Dr.Samadi and the entire staff for their care and dedication.
J. Newman

J. Newman
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