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PROSTATE CANCER!  How could it be?  I’m young and have had annual PSA tests to monitor my prostate cancer risk. I only recently began to experience sharp pain in my lower back but I knew I had to seek treatment.

As a musician, I don’t know how to navigate the complicated world of cancer treatment. Fortunately, my wife  did not stop until she had explored all of the many options for treatment. My prayer was to have normal urinary and sexual function after treatment. My wife chose Dr. David Samadi at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. I will be forever grateful to her for that.

While Dr. Samadi is trained in all modes of prostate cancer treatment, he is known for his robotic prostatectomy procedure which provides the best surgical results with the least invasive approach. Patients experience rapid healing, and most patients function normally within the first year.

From our very first consultation Dr. Samadi made us feel comfortable and protected. I was ready to put my life in his hands. His staff was incredible, supportive, hard working and dedicated to getting us through this experience.

The day of the surgery came and there was a team of doctors who wanted to assist or perform the surgery. Dr. Samadi would not allow it. He insisted on performing my treatment personally. He is a dedicated doctor who gives more than 100% to each patient.

The procedure took approximately two hours and I remained in the hospital for two days. I was sent home with a catheter for the week following surgery. Immediately after the catheter was removed, I began to urinate on my own. My recovery was and has been amazing.

Dr. Samadi assured me that I was now cancer-free. No further treatment will be required. I will have regular follow-up visits and PSA tests to insure that the cancer does not return.

I was honored to have been treated by Dr. David Samadi, a brilliant surgeon and humanitarian.

My message to everyone is: GET TESTED. If you do have prostate cancer, be confident that someone like Dr. Samadi can save your life, and more importantly, your quality of life.

-Little Johnny Rivero

Little Johnny Rivero
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