M. Ciuffo

United States

Dr. Samadi

Im not sure if this is the right forum but I hope this email makes its way to you.As I sit at home recuperating from surgery you performed this past Wednesday 4/29 I just felt a need to reach out to you to thank you for saving my life.I am positive you have heard this thousands of times but you can add me to the list. You are an unbelievable professional! Your skill, bedside manner..you and ALL of your staff are simply the BEST.Simply put, Dr. Samadi “gets it”..I have heard you say that your patients are like your family and i truly felt like part of your family this week. Your facility and the people who run it are outstanding. Not only the patient, but the family of the patient is treated in a special way that is not seen anywhere else…I am so happy to have you as my doctor..THANK YOU!!!

M. Ciuffo

M. Ciuffo
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