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Dear Dr. Samadi and Staff,

I am writing this letter 14 months after my surgery. I am doing so now, so that with clarity I may better evaluate the process without the pre and immediate post op anxieties that I am certain accompany most patients thoughts.

First and foremost any current or new patients who have chosen Dr. Samadi should know; you have chosen thevery finest and gifted surgeon to save your life.

As a New York City Firefighter I have known many heroes, and witnessed first hand the heroic actions of brave men. I can also tell you first hand that Dr. Samadi has the courage, dedication, and commitment that make a true hero.

I learned a long time ago that when you need make a decision on a surgeon, do your homework. Ask questions. A knowledge understanding of your condition, accompanied with researching your doctor, will inevitably lead you to the office of Dr. David Samadi and his team of medical professionals.

When we first consulted, I met with Ann, her warm and beautiful smile will warm your heart. Following Ann, I met with Dr. Samadi, he clearly explains and discusses your situation. He confidently assures you that and he alone will start and finish your surgery. He addressed not just my concerns, but also reassuringly looked into my wife’s eyes thereby comforting her concerns. Finally he said to me, “Understand, you are in the hands of Dr. Samadi now.” I knew then, that he was my surgeon of choice!

About the surgery, I elected to stay in the 11 West. Here my family, and myself received the finest care by the most professional nurses and staff. Upon release from the hospital, Helen gave me all the pertinent info necessary regarding medication usage and catheter care. But no information was more assuring than when she told me, “this is my personal phone number, if our office is closed contact me if any complications should arise.”

Ten days later my foley was removed and Izzy was both kind and professional in the manner in which she handled such a sensitive situation.

Fourteen months later, I am doing great. Two months of post surgical stress incontinence was expected. Now urination and continence issues are a thing of the past. Erection issues were of minor detail, I have since the surgery been experiencing no difficulty in achieving an erection when sexually stimulated. Each day forward erections are good, and I can confidently achieve and maintain an erection. Most importantly, my PSA is 0/0 undetectable.

Since my surgery I have counseled 4 men regarding their prostate cancer. Each of them I have referred to Dr. Samadi. I cannot praise Dr. Samadi enough.

I will gladly speak to anyone about Dr. Samadi, and prostate cancer, discuss my experiences, and try to help them better understand their process.

Lastly, if you are planning to utilize the gift of Dr. David Samadi and his team, I personally assure you that he is the expert you need at this time in your life. LOOK NO FURTHER! BE POSITIVE, and be motivated to do well and recover.

Remember, “You are in the hands of Dr. Samadi.”

Mark S.

Mark S.
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