Martin K.

United States

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January of 2014. After researching for a surgeon the name Dr. DavidSamadi kept coming up for his expertise and great results. I got an appointment and went in to see Dr. Samadi and was already convinced (from what I read) that I wanted my prostate removed. My wife, Karen, and I were so relieved to hear what Dr. Samadi had to say and reassured us that I would have very little inconvenience after the surgery. Personally, I found that hard to believe, but I put my trust in Dr. Samadi, considering his reputation and talking to his past patients. We were handled in a manner, during my pre- and post-surgery that is hard to describe as anything short of incredible.  The atmosphere of Dr. Samadi’s wing at Lenox Hill hospital was the most warm and caring group of professionals that I have ever encountered and I have had several stays in the hospital in my lifetime to compare it by.

I have had a recovery from prostate removal that is just shy of a miracle. Within 2 weeks I was doing normal activities with the exception of heavy lifting and by 6 weeks I was back to all normal daily functions with zero incontinence problems! My first PSA blood test (after surgery) came back .000 with no sign of cancer present! Although the cancer had erupted out of the prostate Dr. Samadi was able to remove and cleanup in the area where it had traveled. Although I feel very lucky and fortunate to have come out of this surgery the way I did I strongly believe that my results are because of the knowledge, experience and expertise that Dr. Samadi possesses. I would strongly recommend  that if anyone is unfortunate enough to be in the position I was in leading up to my surgery,  they give a call to Dr. David Samadis’ office in Manhatten New York and get council from Dr. Samadi on what your options are for best results.

Martin K.
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