Mr. Smith

United States

*Dr. Samadi :  How can I find the words  to thank you for saving my life?
There are no words!

*Dr. Samadi:  How can I thank you for your masterful   surgical   technique? There was hardly any pain or discomfort!
I have no words!

*Dr. Samadi:  How can I find the words to thank you for your warm and  caring  demeanor  which gave me the courage to go through this difficult process?
There are no words!

*Dr. Samadi:  How can I  thank  you  for  caring  enough  to  call  and  advise me  against  seeking an inappropriate  alternative  treatment?
I have no words!

*Dr. Samadi: May you  and  your  family   be  blessed  with  good  health  and long life for your many  kindnesses to so many people!

With   Everlasting   Gratitude,

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