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How I felt when I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer:

Despite the fact that my identical twin brother had been diagnosed with PC five years previously, I nevertheless believed that I would somehow  be spared the same diagnoses given that I was being followed closely  and was living what I thought was a healthy lifestyle. It was therefore a shock to me when my Urologist at the time left me a message on the telephone answering machine that one out of twelve biopsies was positive. While his message assured me that I would be all right, I feared that once the surgery commenced, other problems might be revealed (as was the case with my Father’s PC).

How I came upon Dr. Samadi:  After sharing my diagnosis with my twin brother, he made me promise that  I would contact a men’s PC support group as soon as possible, which I did. I came upon a local chapter of the group “Us Too” who happened to be having Dr. Samadi make a presentation on the Da Vinci robotic method of prostate surgery at the very next meeting. Despite the fact that I already was scheduled for the “open method” to be performed by my original Urologist at a local hospital one week later, I reluctantly attended the meeting and presentation. Dr. Samadi’s utstanding presentation (including video ofan actual procedure) and his patient, empathetic and knowledgeable responses to the many questions, cleared up my previous doubts and misconceptions about robotic surgery and I decided right then that I was going to try to have Dr. Samadi perform the robotic surgery on my PC. The following Monday, I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Samadi after which a date was obtained for the surgery.

My surgical experience and “good news” for Father’s Day: The minimally-invasiveness of my robotic surgery, and all the benefits that accrue as a result, were all that several of the men from the men’s group said it would be! I was discharged from the hospital within 24 hours of being admitted and had my catheter removed in less than a week. I’ve had no obvious sign of blood loss since the surgery and no complications. Five days following the surgery, my wife and I were dancing at a wedding! Knowing that I would be worried about the pathology results, Dr. Samadi left me a message on my cell phone the Friday before Father’s Day (the day the pathology was received) telling me about the favorable report and noting that this good news was the best Father’s Day present he could give me and wished me a happy Father’s Day. My wife and I were blown away by the compassion he demonstrated by this gesture. I later shared with him that he has been the answer to all the prayers that we have been the beneficiary of.

N. R.
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