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I am 55 years old and have never spent a night in the hospital.  My general health was fine.  My father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in his early 70’s.  I had been tracking my PSA level for the past 6 years.  It had ranged from 3.2 to 3.9.

I had scheduled my annual check up with my primary care doctor at the end of August.  I went for my normal blood work up at that time.  Two days before my annual check up the doctor’s office called to advise me that my PSA had risen to 4.7 and to make sure I came in.  I was scared.

I went to local urologist recommended by my primary care doctor.  He examined me and said most likely it was caused by an infection and put me on an antibiotic for thirty days.  My next PSA reading was 5.44.  I was very scared for myself and my family.

I immediately went for a biopsy. I received the diagnosis of prostate cancer Thanksgiving week. My Gleason score was a 6.  I researched prostate cancer to gain knowledge of the disease and my options.  I spoke to four people that had taken different courses of treatment. They included the DiVinci Method, seed implants and radiation therapy.  Through my research and phone conversations I knew that I was most interested in the Di Vinci Method.

My doctor saw me for a consult immediately.  He outlined all my options. He gave me names of various doctors to visit depending on the procedure I wanted.  Included in the list was Dr. Samadi.  I had 3 appointments scheduled for the same day.  Dr. Samadi was my first appointment.

When we arrived at his office a member of his staff gave us a copy of Newsweek to read.  It contained an article on the Di Vinci Method and featured Dr. Samadi.  After reading the article we met with the Dr. Samadi.  He answered all our questions.  Dr. Samadi had a very positive attitude and after speaking to him I felt less scared.  Even though I was facing major surgery I felt that my prognosis was good. My wife and I walked out of his office and cancelled the other appointments.  We knew he was doctor to operate on me. We scheduled the surgery the next day.

The doctor gave me his cell phone number and told me I could call him any time pre or post op.  I found that reassuring.  I called him two days after the surgery and he answered and responded to my question immediately and reassuringly.

I was operated on January 30th and discharged from the hospital the next morning. I returned to work February 27th.  I had my 1 month check up and my PSA level is less than 0.1 which is as low as it gets.

Dr. Samadi and his staff treated me in an extremely professional manner.  The results of the surgery were as we discussed during my office visit and phone conversations.  I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with prostate cancer.

R. K.
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