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It has been nearly two weeks since Dr. Samadi performed my SMART prostatectomy!  Every day since the surgery  Dr. Samadi and his skill as a surgeon have soared in my estimation. I feel humbled and privileged to have experienced such great care.

Firstly, day one, I was amazed to be walking about 4 hours after surgery and recovering in the wonderful facilities at Lenox Hill Hospital with a superb team of nursing staff. I had negligible blood in my urine and felt great. Dr. Samadi came late in the evening and saw all his patients before going home that evening and was back early in the morning to check on us again. I was immensely impressed by the level of personal interest he expressed. Within 48 hours my initial bladder spasms and gas pains from the operation had all disappeared, I was home and I didn’t need any pain medication! Every day I quickly improved and I marveled at how low-impact the surgery had been. Within 3 – 4 days my abs were returning to normal and I was able to sit up with ease, gently cough, etc.

The next hurdle in my mind was getting the catheter removed 7 days after the op and regaining continence. To my great surprise, I never had an incontinent moment! The hurdle was nonexistent. I learned at that point that the cancer was contained within the prostate and that the operation was successful as Dr. Samadi had indicated to my wife within an hour of the surgery. The follow up and availability of Dr. Samadi’s office staff was second to none, no question was too small.

I had one hurdle to go, potency. Last night I had my first erection since the procedure, a mere 12 days after the operation! Fantastic recovery, I was stunned as I expected this step to take months.

Thank you, Dr. Samadi. You are a fantastically skilled surgeon. I don’t know what it takes to complete such a complicated procedure with such low-impact and such quick recovery, but I do know your drive to do the best possible job has left me stunned at the seemingly effortless recovery. Your attention to detail — from the best office staff, to the state-of-the-art facilities at Lenox Hill Hospital (including those comfortable bath robes!), the superior surgical team and the wonderful nursing team — all add up to an exceptional patient experience. If I had to do it all over again, I would change nothing! Lenox Hill Hospital Prostate Cancer Center is simply the best.

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