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Dr. Samadi:

You are the bomb! That’s what the young kids say today about something that is simply the best, over the top, outstanding.

I was your 3rd and last robotic prostatectomy on Wednesday, Dec. 5th at Mt. Sinai Hospital and you had a tough time locating the walnut-sized gland, due to some obstructive fatty tissue – but you persevered and were successful.

From all of my initial extensive surgical research for this procedure, your name quickly surfaced to the top of my short list, after evaluating several other world-class surgeons, in the robotic arena.My four major, non-negotiable decision parameters were: total number of robotic prostatectomies performed to date: percentage of successful outcomes with least serious side-effects; Board-certified specialty focus, and overall academic achievement residency history (e.g. urology surgery only or oncology focus as well); and fourth, rating of surgical hospitals where surgeon has most frequent privileges. The next major deciding factor for me was talking directly to the surgeon to evaluate his/her level of interest in my specific case and all of the intangibles that only a thorough conversation can produce.

I remember sitting at my favorite sushi restaurant, in my central Florida community on a Friday night at 6:15pm, when my cell phone rang and the caller ID showed a New York phone number. I answered the call and you were on the line introducing yourself. No hurried conversation,  no masked ego, no indifference or sales pitch – rather a quiet and intelligent conversation about my diagnosis and pathology profile and how your skills and experience would benefit my case and positive outcome – and why. I was able to share concerns and ask any question I wanted – and in a most compassionate and professional manner, you answered each question with candor and language a lay person could understand. And, you even suggested that I continue my research and make sure I have asked all the pertinent questions to the other surgeons I was researching. How refreshing and reassuring you were. Just the type of confidence I was seeking to gain from the surgeon I was going to entrust with my surgery and major health decision.

And your office team – simply the best. Young, articulate, professional, attentive, responsive, compassionate and consistent. No inappropriate attitude, no “not my yob” mentality, wanting to assist and respond professionally and get me to the right person to answer my specific questions. Timely follow-up and efficient, with a positive and reassuring attitude. From your first in command, Ann Angcaya, to Roscio Bautista, Izzy and Marta to your very professional nurse Helen Petruzzelli (whose gentle, yet re-assuring manipulation finally removed that 30-foot-long garden hose from my thought-to-be very private area – Yeah Helen), each of your team members played their part in perfect concert. Thank each and every one of you!  Dr. Samadi, Please make sure you continue recognize, mentor and support these invaluable members of your team, as they help to distinguish your total value to patients and the health care community.

I must also comment on my hospital setting. Mt. Sinai certainly has its act together. Here I was over 1,000 flying miles away from my home town, in a large and complex city, in a totally unfamiliar hospital and hotel setting – unsure and cautious. The hospital admitting experience was timely, efficient and state of the art, with real, professional people. Your suggestion for my one night’s hospital stay – Eleven West wing – also proved insightful, as the privacy, attentive medical care, and uplifting decor and amenities for not only the patient, but the family members, helped in my positive, healing attitude and comfort. Post surgery and hospital stay, I stayed locally at a nearby Marriott for the required 7-day, post recovery healing (and catheter experience), which also proved successful. My highest marks go to Mt. Sinai’s administration and staff.

It’s been 26 days since my surgery. No major side effects or adverse reactions, surgical sites have healed and are healing well. Incontinence gets better a little at a time, every day. I have been able to perform all my normal office work duties for the past 2 weeks, (sans any strenuous lifting) and have been able to enjoy walking and normal, every-day activities. I look forward to my first, post-op PSA blood test in two weeks, which I have every confidence will be negligible (as expected).

Dr. Samadi – Thank you for your: on-going commitment to best-in-Class oncology and urology medicine; compassionate and humble character; accessibility to every man, regardless of stature, financial wealth or health status; balanced perspective in life; and most of all your spiritual strength and commitment to family.

Please make sure you share these accolades with your Mom and Dad, and siblings, as they too have obviously played a major role in your growth as a son, husband, father and healer.

If I can assist you in any way in my humble capacity as a professional marketing and communications professional within the global healthcare community, please let me do so. It would be an honor and pleasure.

In thankful appreciation to you and praise to our Lord and Savior,

Robert S.

Ocala, Florida

Robert S.
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