Shlomo P. (english)


My story starts on August 2010 when results from a PSA test showed a disturbing signal-6.3

A biopsy held in the beginning of October 2010 showed a more disturbing signal-Gleason 4+3.

And here our real story began.

Going to several professional experts, all with good intentions, we were given an advise to go through various procedures: Open Surgery: one of the top surgeons in Israel advised me not to go through with it, due to the risks he envisioned according to my condition. He recommended trying a radiology procedure or brachiteraphy procedure by the Israeli experts in these fields.

Notwithstanding his advise and after consulting with various other experts we felt that we have not been advised about one of the most successful procedures in this field, not so common in Israel, The Robotic Surgery.

At the same time we heard through friends in Israel and abroad, about the Robotic Surgery, held by one of the internationally well known surgeons, Dr. David. B. Samadi, M.D. ,Vice Chairman  Department of Urology, Chief of Robotics and Minimal Invasive Surgery, Associate Professor of Urology, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New-York.

Trying to contact Dr. D. Samadi, my wife called him one evening and left him a message. A short while afterwards the telephone rang and Dr. Samadi was on the line.

This phone call started our personal contact with Dr. Samadi. On one hand, the international expert of prostate cancer robotic surgery, and on the other hand, a human being, always having time and patience for a concerned patient and a concerned spouse.

Dr. Samadi always has time for you, for your family, answering any question you have whether it is directly connected to your situation or remotely connected.

This personal touch, the feeling that you have a friend in this new and unknown situation made a huge difference for us: We received from Dr. Samadi what we really needed at this situation, the faith that we chose the right procedure, the right surgeon to conduct it and the right human being.

Dr. Samadi always gave us the feeling that he is there for us. Not only just before or during  the surgery but also after and long after. He is always there to calm you or your concerned family, always has good advise, always with a smile and always gives you the feeling of being equal and not another number in the statistics.

The surgery was smooth with no complications. Although it is considered as a radical surgery, in my case it took one hour and forty minutes only.

Just before the surgery began Dr. Samadi called my wife to calm her down and straight after the surgery was finished Dr. Samadi visited my wife updating  her about my condition.

A few hours after the surgery I was already walking around, early next morning 3 of his assistants came to check me and one hour later Dr. Samadi himself came. Later that day I checked out of the hospital.

For us, in this field, there is no other surgeon but Dr. David Samadi!

If you need a surgeon and a human being, Dr. D. Samadi is the one and the only one!

Shlomo P. (english)
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