Stephen Leff

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In May 2014 I went to Dr. Samadi because I was having issues with my prostate. He did an exam and found a reason to have me get a biopsy. The results were negative, but my path to urinate became obstructed and I needed a Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) as soon as possible. I had the procedure and spent a few weeks recovering and the outcome was very favorable.

Segue way on October 2017; needless to say I had issues with my bladder that lead me to make an appointment to see Dr. Samadi. He did a cystoscopy and discovered that my path to urinate was partially obstructed. He said that because my prostate was so large it was not possible to remove enough tissue in 2014 without adverse health issues.
So, on November 13, 2017 I had another TURP. But, this time he was able to remove enough tissue to ensure a complete return to normal function with little or no possibility of a recurrence of urinary occlusion. The surgery was a huge success. I was feeling excellent by early afternoon and had a huge dinner with my wife in the hospital! By the way, the rooms and the food are world class. The only medicine needed outside of intravenous antibiotics was 5 mg of Valium to control any bladder spasms. I had a good night sleep and left the hospital in the next day. It is now 16 days from the surgery and I am back at work and starting to train at the gym again.

Understand that Dr. Samadi is an extremely skilled surgeon and a truly compassionate doctor. He visited me the evening of the surgery and the following morning to check on my condition. His team came to visit also and were incredibly caring and efficient.
One needs to realize that I had a surgical procedure of great import and was feeling great a week later. I suffered for years with an enlarged prostate that caused a huge amount of discomfort and today I am symptom FREE! In a world of so much chaos and turmoil, to find a doctor like Dr. Samadi is remarkable thing. Skill, compassion and a great love of what he is doing is hard to find.

Stephen Leff
P.S.: Forever grateful!!!

Stephen Leff
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