William and Glenn

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In May of 2010 my brother Glenn was suffering from back pain. After tests for kidney stones were negative it was discovered that his PSA level was 9. This led to a biopsy which revealed he had developed prostate cancer. After several consultations with doctors he was undecided as to what action to take. Finally he decided that robotic surgery mightbe his best option. He had made an appointment with a surgeon who worked in CT but was still unsure about the whole procedure. I sat with him in his office one afternoon as he contemplated his decision. I encouraged him to get another opinion which he had already thought about. Dr. Samadi’s name had been given to him by his urologist. When he was hesitant to call, I encouraged him to just pick up the phone and call for an appointment, which he did. He spoke to one of the staff who assured him that Dr. Samadi was the best and that after surgery everything worked. And then I heard Glenn laugh when she said “and when I say everything I mean everything”. I think it helped put his mind at ease.

He had his appointment the next week. He was nervous about it, so I offered to ride down with him to Dr. Samaid’s office in NYC. Once there, I was given the opportunity to sit in on his consultation with the doctor. Neither one of us knew what to expect.

Once in Dr. Samadi’s office he first thought I was Glenn, probably because I was the older brother. After we corrected that and he realized I was a brother, he looked at me and said “have you been tested ? This condition is genetic. I responded by saying yes but not since last year. He suggested I have a PSA test right away. Little did I know at that time how prophetic that suggestion would be. During the consultation we both were very impressed with Dr. Samadi. He took time to explain the procedure and how he operated the robot and exactly how the surgery would be done. We both came away from that appointment feeling confident that he was the right man for the job.

During the time Glenn waited for his surgery I was tested and found out that although my PSA level was still below 4 that it had jumped about one point since the year before. My doctor suggested I see a urologist just to have it checked out. At this point I was not concerned because my PSA level was in the normal range. Glenn had his surgery and I was able to experience what he went through in the hospital and all of his recovery after surgery second hand. He kept me well informed on his progress to the point where I felt like I had had the operation myself.

Surprising to me my urologist wanted to do a biopsy to make sure I had no cancer cells and at this point I was beginning to have my doubts about the PSA level. Results came back positive a bit to my surprise. I later found out that a sharp rise in the PSA level from one year to the next was an indication that something was going on.

My urologist presented me with all the options available to treat my condition. He told me I was fortunate that they caught it early. My knowledge of Glenn’s operation and recovery made my decision a very easy one. Dr. Samadi was to perform robotic surgery on brother number two, 2 months after the first. I had no second thoughts about my decision due to the great deal of confidence I had in Dr. Samadi and his team and how they handled my brother.

After the surgery my recovery went well, “everything works”, and now Glenn and I schedule our appointments with Dr. Samadi together and when we arrive the staff refers to us as the “brothers”.
I sometimes wonder what would have happened if hadn’t didn’t have a brother who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. If they would have caught it in time for me to have the success I’ve had. My doctors were on top of everything and most of all my brother and I are both grateful to have been referred to Dr. Samadi and his team who did a wonderful thing by making us cancer free.

William and Glenn

William and Glenn
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