Cardiovascular Risks Linked to Androgen Suppression Therapy

Fox News

Doctors David Samadi and Marc Siegel of the FOX News Medical A Team talk about new evidence linking hormone therapy treatment in cancer patients to cardiovascular problems.

Dr. Samadi starts by explaining that since testosterone is the fuel that drives prostate cancer, the key to treating it in the advanced stages where surgery is no longer feasible, is to use hormone therapy to cut the production of testosterone. He goes on to mention a new study coming out of Sweden in which 30,000 men were administered such treatments and results showed that over 40% of them went on to suffer either a heart attack or a stroke. Samadi also added that low insulin and diabetes were among other cardiovascular conditions found to be elevated in such cases.

Dr. Siegel pointed out that much of the problem is due to the fact that so many cases of prostate cancer are already at an advanced stage at the time of diagnosis. He then talks about how going for regular PSA screenings can help catch the cancer earlier, giving the patient the opportunity to undergo more effective, less risky treatments.

Dr. Samadi closes by advising that before submitting to Androgen Suppression Therapy, patients should have a full cardiovascular work up done to determine what risks they may be facing.

Cardiovascular Risks Linked to Androgen Suppression Therapy
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