Chapter 13: Robotic Prostatectomy Demographics, Scores and Statistics

Dr. David B. Samadi, Chief of Division of Robotics and Minimal Invasive Surgery for Mount Sinai School of Medicine, discusses the success the program has had with high-risk patients. Patients that had a lot of previous procedures, such as penile implants, have gotten great results. He discusses patients, as young as 39, with paternal history of prostate cancer, which is not unheard of. Prostate cancer is not an old man disease anymore. It’s rare to operate on a 78 year old. The textbook says after the age of 70, surgeons don’t operate which he doesn’t agree with. You have to individualize care. He discusses preoperative and postoperative Gleason scores, with regards to why prostate is removed. Before surgery, the pathologist is looking at a few glands. It’s very subjective. After the prostate is removed, because you are looking at the whole specimen, you can get a more accurate Gleason score.

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