Chapter 6: Discussion of Mt. Sinai Robotic Prostatectomy Program Experience

Dr. David B. Samadi, Chief of Division of Robotics and Minimal Invasive Surgery for Mount Sinai School of Medicine, discusses the questions a patient should ask their doctor and also addresses some surgery myths. He discusses tactile feedback where urologists say that they must use their hands to perform cancer surgery. He goes over the pain issues and the morbidity issues of open surgery. He challenges the notion that if you add up the holes that are made in robotic surgery, it would equal the incision made during open surgery. The sum of holes or incisions is not what determines the pain. Dr. Samadi says that an expert in this field is someone who has handled a large volume of cases. The larger the caseload, the better the outcome of each case. Dr. Samadi handles surgery from beginning to end. The program is critical due to support of the team.

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