Study Shows Possible Connection Between Circumcision and Prostate Cancer Prevention

Prostate cancer expert Dr. David Samadi discusses a new observational study that shows that men who are circumcised at an early age may have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer later in life than those who are not.

Dr. Samadi is quick to point out that the study is observational and does not show a definitive cause and effect relationship between circumcision and cancer rates. He goes on to explain that if such a link does exist it can be speculated that the cause is a lower rate of transmission of sexual transmitted diseases, such as HPV, among circumcised men. HPV infection is known to cause various forms of cancer such as cervical cancer and throat cancer.

However, Dr. Samadi also states that studies related to transmission rates of HPV among circumcised and uncircumcised men are also inconclusive. Due to the uncertainty of several variables with this study, Dr. Samadi believes that the information should not be relied upon when it comes to making life changing decisions.

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