Chapter 8: Discussion of Open and Laparoscopic Surgery, Including Benefits and Limitations

Dr. David B. Samadi, Chief of Division of Robotics and Minimal Invasive Surgery for Mount Sinai School of Medicine, discusses open surgery with the use of a midline incision. Dr. Samadi shows an example of laparoscopic surgery, whereby a doctor is at a patient’s bedside. He shows 2D view of the seminal vesicle, which is a major advance in field compared to open surgery. With laparoscopy, there is 7x magnification, less pain, shorter hospital stay, and faster catheter removal. He discusses the limitations of laparoscopic surgery in that because it’s a 2D view, you can only use one eye to work, which provides no depth perception. There’s a lot of tremor at the tip of the instrument, which is tricky when dealing with neurovascular bundle.

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