Mutated Gene Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer

Fox News

Doctors David Samadi and Marc Siegel of the FOX News Medical A Team speak about a recent breakthrough for the early detection of prostate cancer.Dr. Samadi sites a recent study from the New England Journal of Medicine regarding a gene mutation that increases the patient’s chances of developing prostate cancer. The test for the gene is simple and can be used to effectively identify whether a relative of someone diagnosed with prostate cancer may also be at risk. According to Samadi, such a test could be given to someone in their thirties who has older relatives with prostate cancer and the results could be used to to identify whether they were at risk.Though it has advantages over a standard PSA test, Dr. Siegel points out that it shouldn’t be thought of as a replacement nor should it be made standard practice. He goes on to say that he regards it as another effective weapon in detecting prostate cancer early. Dr. Samadi stressed the importance of early detection, noting that prostate cancer is infamous as a “silent killer” which presents no symptoms as a warning sign.

Mutated Gene Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer
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